First New Integrated Tube Amp - Recommendations

All of my existing gear is vintage: power amps, integrated amps, preamps, tuners and CD players.

Speakers are Klipsch RF-30, Infinity SM 155 and Polk LSI9.

I am tired of the maintenance on all of my older gear and am looking for a new sound and thought I might get into tube amplification and eventually sell my older gear.

Which integrated tube amplifiers with phono section are good starters? Something BRAND new, proven very reliable, auto/self biasing, sounds pretty good and low cost. I mean low cost as I am no longer working and will buy from a fixed income.
Find a Fi 2a3. It is SO great. No phono stage though.
Rogue Cronus...great bang for the buck..
PrimaLuna Hi-fi ProLogue Two Integrated Amplifier. Warm sound, decent bass and highs, self biasing, internal phono preamp available, very nicely built. I love these things. Check it out here:
Cayin, sweet warm sound, great value, high resale value.
Primaluna PL2, great sound, you can use a wide variety of tubes from EL34 to KT88, built like a tank.
I'll repeat the PrimaLuna suggestion - I have the Dialogue 2 myself.