First mid fi amp - looking at a Proton AA2480

I am also considering a NAD 2200, a B&K TS1400 II
this will drive some large I.Q. TED 400 speakers. I'm starting to get a little too into this search and need to make up my mind. I was really thinking the NAD, when the other two options came up. Any thoughts?
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The NAD 2200 was a great amp for the money. They have good power but don't especially like low impedance. With a pair of reasonably efficient 8 ohm speakers, I would not hesitate. I'm not familiar with the I.Q. speakers you mention. There is a part that fails on the 2200, I can't remember specifics but it will cause a channel to intermittently drop out. Mine did this after some long hard use but you will want to make sure all is well before buying.