First Look - In DashTube Car Audio

Check out the Tube Car Stereo!!!
Very, very cool, BWhite. This is the first time I've actually considered opening up the radio slot in the center console of my Jag to fit a larger unit.
Whoops... Looks like I messed up the HTML code on this page when I added the shockwave file... Ahh...that should fix it.
While i've never seen the "shockwave action version" presentation, someone had posted a link to this unit over on AA a few months back. Given the size of the unit, i have to wonder how many vehicles can actually accomodate such a unit and if they have plans to make it XM or Sirius compatible ??? Sean
My dad used to have tube units in his old cars, but they sure didn't look like that!
Wonder if it is an all tube power amp or a hybrid. I have a
1960 Ford Starliner with an all tube receiver from input to output. Very cool sound particular with the reverb, though I have replaced the speaker once, a few years back.
It looks like it's a Panasonic, so I'm guessing that it's a hybrid and that tube that you see is it. That's not too shabby though...I had a Luxman integrated amp with one tube in it and it did change the sound for the better. How did they manage to ventilate that all tube radio in that old Starliner??
There have been a few car tube amps as well. Milbert.