first impressions of Magico A3's

Just spent the last week listening to my new pair of Magico A3's (,no spikes yet until I find the sweet spot but with grills attached)

Initial impressions, excellent bass, good transparency,while still being broken in.

Fit and finish way above the initial $9k price( ordered before the recent price increase)

I have been living with a pair of Thiel CS3.6, purchased new 22 years ago and they are so good I never felt the need to change until I listened to the A3's at Axpona last year and felt they could give the Thiels competition even in a less than ideal crowded hotel room.

What I liked about the Thiels is their remarkable transparency, but I felt even though the bass was good it was a little polite unless played at high levels.

The bass on the A3's, just feels more propulsive and deeper, when listening to some bass heavy tracks on Van Morrison's, Astral Weeks, album. 

I have a feeling once the tweeter and  midrange are fully broken, the A3's will be my go to speaker.

Wonderful speaker great choice.One of the best deals in high end speakers at a great price although they went up to $12500.00 now.
The A3 are Magico's best speakers for the price.  The rest of their line are over priced in comparison. 
Been enjoying mine for a couple of months now. A taste of the "real deal" for a bargain price (if €12K can be called a bargain - but in comparison...). And they keep getting better; they take a long time to break-in.
I will be interested to hear more about what you gained and maybe lost as a long term Thiel owner myself.