First Hi-Fi system

Hey all,

After much research, reading, learning, and some listening, I have tentatively decided on the following as my first system:

Pathos Classic One Mkiii
PS Audio Digital Link III DAC
Dynaudio Excite X12 (or x16 or Focus 110/140)
Wadia 170i transport

Would love your thoughts, suggestions, comments on the system and putting it together, maybe suggesting interconnects and cables as well.

Thanks to everyone on this site. it truly is a great place to learn about hi-fi.

great gear, enjoy. i like to use isolation gear and good gaulity cables for the combination of sound quality and craftsmanship. i also use room treatment panels to experiment with room acoustics. seems to me just get some new/old music and start listening. pretty good entry system to say the least. you have dodged the bullet of intro level gear and expensive upgrades. who recommended these choices? a store or a friend or your reading?
The system was put together by me through lots of reading (thanks audiogon members) and from talking with some really great guys at my local hifi store. i listened to the pathos (which i previously didn't consider) with the dynaudios and was immediately impressed. I saw some used dynaudio monitors that are a few steps up so I was considering those without listening to them although I would love to give my business to the local store but the used market is really hard to pass up.

I also like the idea of building a listening room and having the option of using the pathos classic one in mono mode with another classic one (although my feeling is if I do this, it will be with brand new separates).
Now you should trust your ears and assemble a system based on listening.
If I were starting from scratch, I would start by finding a good local dealership and spending a bunch of time there listening to your own music. Buy what you like from one place, knowing it sounds good to your ears and have them set it up at your house. Also try to hear systems belonging to friends for comparison.
Your ears , your money, your enjoyment in that order. If the gear you choose after listening to it, and it has the features you want,in the price range your willing to pay and sounds good to you nothing or no one elses opinion matters. Enjoy! Cheers.
As much as I admire your choices (and I do), Rrog has it right. The best systems work together in ways that you will not understand without listening. Even things which should match, on paper, like hand in glove, sometimes do not get it right.

As you have been doing a fair bit of reading, I am sure that you are not going to overlook what is probably the most important synergistic relationship in audio - the room/speaker interaction.

Best of luck!
"I was considering those without listening to them although I would love to give my business to the local store but the used market is really hard to pass up."

Do you really think this is fair to the dealer after you used his time, expertise, and store? I buy my gear used to save too, but not after I've auditioned it at a dealer. Sure you take a risk you wont like it, but you can re-sell it. My 2 cents.

Disclaimer- Not a dealer
I appreciate all your responses. I did purchase the pathos classic one and the dynaudio x12 from the dealer (after a little negotiation).

I can't wait to start listening!
Wow that was fast (thread, responses, purchases on the same day!
If the funds are available consider a sub. Dyn's are great but at the monitor level a sub will bring out a truly huge upgraded sound. I have the C1's with a sub and I will at times leave the sub off. Do they sound great - Oh Yeah. But with most (not all) recording the sub just adds that little bit of weight to everything. Makes them sound like they are much larger than just monitors.

A couple of months ago I heard the Consequences UE and the X12's side by side (no sub). Different electronics and cables but the X12's really sound fantastic.

Not sure about the break-in time of the X12's but if they are like my C1's don't make any judgments till the have a good 300 hrs on them. Mine sounded great out of the box but after 100 - 150 hrs they sounded like cr@p. At 200 hrs they sounded close to out of the box but at 400 mine got so much better than that.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!.... Now, forget about the equipment, sit back, and enjoy the music. Dig up a few discs of your favorite tunes, put a comfortable chair in the ideal listening position (this may take some trial and error experimentation...but have fun doing it and don't stress out), and have a great time with your newly acquired listening pleasure !!
Thanks to everyone. Waiting on some interconnects and speaker cables so I'm not quite up and running yet... Will report back hopefully soon!
Givethecables some time to break-in before rendering an opinion on them
i forgot to mention. my first hifi was a 50 watt luxman interated amp, allison one speakers and a beogram turntable with a tandberg reel to reel in 1975. and i used wire commonly used for lamps. ha. loved it ansd wish i still had it. there have been many since then as i am sure is the experience of 99 percent of the audio music lovers on this site. thanks
Johnimoto, well done. You did your research, your not going to buy on impulse and this a good start. Once the system is assembled, let us know what your likes and dislikes are.