First favorite tune

This can't help being a fun thread. What was your first fav? Mine was Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire. I was four years old.
I remember playing Sugar, Sugar by the Archies, over & over on my little fold out record player. I wasn't in kindergarten yet, so I must have been 4 or so.
"Cool Jerk", by the Capitols. First heard on my new transistor radio (birthday gift) while on safety patrol (crossing guard) back in '66. Next fav was "Working in the Coal Mine", by Lee Dorsey. Loved those songs!
"On The Street Where You Live," from "My Fair Lady." Hummed it to myself while walking past the home of a girl who was my first crush. I was about 10.

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I agree with Schubert. I've long found "Stardust", sung especially by Nat King Cole, to be hauntingly musical.
the earliest songs i can remember are saturday in the park, black water, and shaving cream
"The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" from Genesis......Laying in bed as a Freshman in high school listening to the radio late one night I fell in love with progressive rock that night
"Autumn Leaves" by Nat King Cole. I liked music before hearing it but that song really grabbed me. I just sang it over and over.

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First movement from Mahler 3rd symphony....

No actually, I was just a simple little kid.

"Witch Doctor" by David Seville.
Your going to think I'm kidding, but my mother (a musician and singer herself) heard me humming a tune one day when I was seven years old, and was surprised because she recognized it immediately. She asked me where I heard it and why I was humming it -- I told her I had heard it playing over the radio speakers in the grocery store the weekend before, while we were shopping, that I was humming it because it was the prettiest music I had ever heard, and I was sad because the radio hadn't said what it was called.

Without a word, she went to my father's record player, pulled out a record from the shelf I had never seen him play, found the groove she was looking for, and played it for me. I still have the record.

It was the "Ode to Joy." Thank you, Beethoven.
the Beatles - She Loves You (yeah yeah yeah)

My older sisters were laughing and dancing and I was jumping up and down on the bed, the baby sitter came in and shut the whole thing down...

one of those perfect memories
In the movie "The Benny Goodman Story" where Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is performed. That's it, the beginning of my passion for music.
Probably something from the Andy Williams Christmas album. My mom says I toddled around singing almost everything on it and if she played something else I'd drive her nuts asking her to put on "Andy Wuwwums."

I still like that album.
Had to be eight days a week. Played 45rpm in mono over and over.
Sugar, sugar.
Mony, mony.
Was those AM hits that got me going!
"My baby does the hanky panky" Tommy James and the Shondells

And no, I had no clue what hanky panky was!
Clickty Clack by Dickity Do and the Donts - just kidding love the title and group name
Schubert, thank you. You are right. She is in her 80s now and still has all her faculties. I have been very blessed.
The first tune I heard early on that probably set me firmly on the course of appreciation for music was "The Moldau" by Smetana. My sister had a recording of this when I was still a pre-schooler and her small collection was my initial musical stomping ground. I read the liner notes and used to play it over and over envisioning what was described.

Shortly after that came "Peter and the Wolf" by Prokofiev, which is always a great way to introduce children to classical music.

Nowadays, "The Wiggles" have a lot of catchy and musically diverse material that young children take to naturally. My daughter cut her musical chops, which are quite astute already at age 11, early on with the Wiggles. With my son, it was more the (pre-Wiggles) Beatles.
I honestly don't remember. Music was always there. I know the first LP was "All Summer Long" by the Beach Boys. But I had 45's before that and always had music in my head.
Some interesting answers already posted, good idea for a thread.
My babysitter had one of those big console record players, and when she put on the 45 of El Paso sung by Marty Robbins I was hooked. Asked her to play it over and over till she finally made me go outside and play. The only other 45 I can remember playing as much as that was the Beatles Twist and Shout/There's a Place. I still love songs that tell a story like the one that unfolded in El Paso.
Great thread. Can't recall the 1st favorite tune. Grew up going to church so always music there. Parents had a few Henry Mancini records that got played. My mom liked Andy Williams. She was a bobby soxer and Sinatra fan in her teens. Remember "Theme from Peter Gunn" from the Mancini LPs. Given a "Made in Japan" transistor radio round about 5 or 6th grade. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as someone else mentioned, definitely registered with me. Also loved "Telstar" if anyone remembers that. I was hooked on pop music early on thanks to WABC out of NYC and 2 DJs in particular, Scott Muny and Dan Ingram. It all hit warp speed when the Beatles happened.
The first song I really remember was "Happy Birthday To You" When I realized hearing it and recieving gifts came together, it immediately became my favorite tune !!!!!!
Ghost. My wife's best friends father when growing up was a DJ out of Worcester Mass called Dick the Derby Smith. He was the first DJ to spin the Beatles in the U.S. He's a Trivial Pursuit question. She has find memories of the gold records that lined their walls.
Don - Interesting bit of history. Would never have guessed some place other than a major market was first to play them. Not to wax nostalgic or anything - but hard to remember those days as anything other than magical. Week to week it was, "What are they gonna do next?" I remember the buzz and excitement about their music - at least with my small group of friends.

Back to the OPs original...another tune I remember liking a lot pre-adolescence was "Going to the Chapel of Love". Can't remember the girl group that sang it though.
Ghosthouse-"Chapel of Love" was #1 for 3 weeks(Billboard Hot 100)in June '64. It was performed by The Dixie Cups.
Thanks, Dayglow. I was 12 years old. Wonder if they were able to retire on the residuals. 3 weeks was a nice run.
Mario Lanza - "Drink, Drink, Drink"

I was but a wee little shaver the first time I heard the “Student Prince”soundtrack. I’d get my sisters to play this song over and over again.
Petula Clark - "Winchester Cathedral" that I played off my Show'N Tell instead of the picture disc rekkids. The same record I would later put my gerbil on and watch it scramble for its life to stay on - until its ultimate send off to the floor but not before I tried to catch it with my baseball glove.