First "audiophile" system, now what? Any easy fixes here?

After being distracted with mp3s and the TV AVR, I finally realized I missed having a dedicated stereo system; and I missed my records. With a budget of $2400, here is what I put together:
  ProJect Carbon 1 w/TizoAcrylic platter and Ortofon Red cartridge,
  Hagerman Bugle2 preamp, 
  Vincent V-60 integrated tube amp, 
  Martin Logan 12 speakers.
 No special wires or cables. My room is 14x19 that is open to the kitchen. Compared to what I had been hearing, this system sounds fabulous. But now I want more fabulous. So I am writing to seek help on making short term/long term plans to upgrade. Short term means the biggest improvement in sound that costs $500 or less. The long term plan could cost maybe $2-3k or more. I have read that going from Ortofon Red to Blue might be a an inexpensive but very noticeable improvement? If speakers are my weak link, then maybe Martin Logan electrostatics would be good (when my ship comes in)?
I welcome any suggestions.
You say it sounds fabulous but you want MORE fab?What exactly do you want more of?Deeper,tighter bass?More organic mids,farther extended treble?
 How's the room acoustics?$500.00 will get some serious treatment that should be a worthwhile investment & serve further upgrades...
Get some Zu Soul Supreme speakers and it will astound you with dynamics and great bass.
I understand that the 2M blue stylus can be substituted for the red on the red body. I am not sure of the cost differential but have read it makes for a significant upgrade. 

I agree with freediver regarding room treatments. Can be DIY. 
Don't worry about upgrading for a while.  Just enjoy the music.  Enjoy what a nice system like yours will give back to you. 
Etwilley, you are in about the "same place" I was a few years ago.

I fealt that the system components were adequate, but believed there were some areas that needed to be addressed.

I started looking into cables and started by upgrading the power side. After that I focussed on speaker and interconnects.Lastly I addressed room treatments.

I found focussing on one area at a time allowed me to understand the various nuances and stopped me from falling into component upgrades. It also allowed me to see exactly how good each component could really perform.

I still have not changed any component, but I now know that each component is performing to its maximum ability and exactly which component is my week link.

just another approach :-)

enjoy the journey