First ARC REF-75-SE coming my way.

I recently sold my ARC REF-75 in order to get the new REF-75-SE. Its coming my way this coming week. Maybe shipping on Monday or Tuesday ... so I should have it by Thursday or Friday. Word has it that the KT-150 tube upgrade that a lot of us know about, and took advantage of, is only about half of the improvement in the new issue. The rest of the improvements come from tons of parts upgrades that won't/can't be addressed here. My reliable source tells me that the upgraded to SE status REF-75, REF-150 and the REF-250's are the best amps ARC has ever built by far. Supposed to be a lot better than the current REF series completely broken in, cold right out of the box. Also, there will be an upgrade available to users of the current REF-series amps. Call ARC tech support for the price. Stay tuned ... more to come.

Happy listening ...

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Very nice! I would be interested in hearing just how much of a difference the se version makes. I have a Ref 110 right now and I have considered upgrading. I could probably get a good deal on a demo right now or is the se version that much better. What is ARCs projected life span for the kt150? They are suppose to last longer than either the 6550 or kt120, correct? Thanks.