First Annual " Whaddya Get? for Xmas "

I got a "Snuggie".
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I got a mp3 player.
A roll of $500.00,audiophile grade,goldplated tinfoil to wrap around my "rabbit ears" am/fm antenna for maximum reception and clarity.Thanks Mom.
Origin Live Silver Tonearm
You need to make sure the Snuggie has oxygen-free fur, and it really doesn't make things sound better until it's been cryogenically treated. It does contribute some warmth but is rather soft in the lower registers.

A cyro'd lump of coal. After I pay for all of the X-mas excess I'll get a new amp to burn it in. :-)
Does my present (from myself) two years ago count? I got a pair of Wilson Maxx IIs, and it is the gift that keeps on giving. Especially since I can't afford any more presents for, oh, EVER!
I got a custom built Dac, been listening non-stop.
My mother in law gave all five of her children and their spouses a Caribbean cruise. Totally surprised, we were!
MacBook for the listening chair!!!!
A remastered copy of the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour; as with all of these remasters (stereo in this case), what a treat! I'll probably have to buy them all. I'm hoping for vinyl as well.
I got a new house with an isolated listening room.
I was in a double-wide mobile home with inch thick walls.
My hard-of-hearing Father (87 years young) would listen to
Benny Hill DVDs on his TV while I was playing Mozart.
Many gallons of fine vodka were sacrificed to make this work.
Now, I am FREE!
Got punished by dominatrix in my listening room.
12-26-09: Marakanetz
Got punished by dominatrix in my listening room.

Were you spinning "Whip It" by Devo?

I think we ALL need a little punishment now and then ?

As long as she's HOT.
Suprisingly.. I got some whips!
Four meter long Pangea 9 gauge power cords from Audio Advisor, two of them.. Like Rubber hoses.. and a pair of three meter long ones delivered today... and six more two meter long Pangea 9's on the way.
Plenty of A/C whipping going on in my place!!
Nice thick luxurious STIFF black cords being beat down on someone's back ends... Those BOUND Male IEC's are screaming for joy.
And throwing out some dismal REALLY old decrepit AudioQuest ones, that even audio Viagra cannot help make like new, They are so bad I cannot try to sell thier sorry ass's here. ..and some home-made ones (Saving the Hubble A/C and IEC'S!!)
The Pangea 9 gauge cables made a difference!
Better clarity and less grunge, better lows, mids and highs
And really cheap for a power cord that looks (and acts) like the Thousand Dollar brands.
I didn't try the 14 gauge ones.. The Nines turn me on... almost as much as the developers bow-tie!
And NO, I do not own stock in Pangea...
Seriously, It still hurts to sit down but I believe that man should have only two pleasant pains:
1. after being punished by lady
2. after breaking someone's jaw
and I had them both
I got Legos for grown ups:

Lego Architecture's "Fallingwater", Frank Lloyd Wright's statement residence on Bear Run in Pennsylvania that he designed and built for Edgar Kauffman.

It took about 6.5 hrs following the 100 pg instruction book to put the 811 pieces together.
Slipknot1, one man's fun is another man's torture.
I think I'd rather be whipped by Elizabeth,,,,,grrrrrrrrr,,,,,yeah baby.

Beatle's boxed set,13 CD's?Stanton Moore,a jazz guitarist and watching the 1978 Grateful Dead New Years show with the Blues Bros.Flashing back here to go forward I guess,cheers,Bob
synergistic research QLS-9, Galileo MPC, and a ton of CDs.. including Beatles Mono box set + some of the individual stereo CDs and a brand new unwrapped Alison Krauss & Union Station - Live SACD.
Don't think gents that it's cheap pleasure! Since I drive them from time to time to 'locations' to have a descent 'cash supply' to my unemployment benefits, I've got this gift totally free of charge valuing nearly $900 per session. It's a nice lady P. with lotsa tattoos and piercing over her athletic body.
A set of Horner XB-40, Extreme Bending harmonicas. Sweet!
How boring am I? Just a few books, sweater, a couple of bottles of single malt(that's more like it).
I am afraid, no new kit or attention from leather clad ladies wielding heavy duty powercords. Still my own present to me, Daedalus Da-RMa speakers, bought at RMAF, should be here soon. The best presents are always ones you buy yourself