First amp.

Hi everyone!

I'm starting my adventure with high quality audio, but since i am a college student, i just don't have enough money to get a true hi-fi. I'm looking for a decent amp, but don't want to make a newbie mistake, which i would later regret :] Just a really quick question to experts: which of the following ones would you choose?
Denon PMA-700AE
Onkyo A-9155
Pioneer A-10-S
Pioneer A-20-S
Denon PMA-520AE
I don't think you can go wrong with any of these choices. I have a 5 year old Pioneer receiver that serves me well for 5 channel. Just make sure whatever you buy can do what you need as far as connections, and buy as much power as you can comfortably afford.
No first hand experience w/any of them. The Denon's were not highly reviewed on "What Hi-Fi." They're European models, yes? One thing I will they you, it's all about "synergy." How components match up w/each other. Some sound great toegether, others not. Match a warm amp w/a warm speaker and you have too much warmth. Match a warm amp w/neutrel/lean spk. you MAY have perfection. Then what are you looking for sound wise? What spks are you using? Etc, Etc... It looks like you're looking for an int. amp. There have been a few threads lately on this subject. Sorry I couldn't help w/your direct question. Bill.
There have been several threads recently regarding affordable integrateds. I know many members here think highly of Onkyo; try looking thru the Amp/Preamp section of the forums.

BTW, tell us your budget and you need to consider the speaker you will be using.
Have heard the Pioneer a20 with the Pioneer 22s.
You would have spend much more to get better sound.
Both can be purchased at substantial dicounts.
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I like Magnump's response if you are on a budget. For less than $400 one has a great start.
The Marantz PM 8004 or any in their line up you may be able to swing.
Used NAD, Audio Refinement Complete integrated, something along those lines will keep you in Audiophile equipment affordably.
Check out Emotivia.They are direct internet sales only and are an excellent value for those of us on a tight budget.