Firmware update 18444R for Sony HAP-S1 / HAP-Z1ES

I am glad Sony still supports these products.  Firmware 18444R was released today 16 Oct.  The "HDD Audio Remote" smartphone app needs to be updated as well.

From Sony's website:

Benefits and improvements from the latest update
  • Supports the changes to the specifications in Spotify service (not supported in China)
  • Improves connection and operation with USB DAC products
  • Improves stability when using the "HDD Audio Remote" application for extended periods
  • Resolves an issue that music files cannot be transferred from Windows10 PC via PC settings
  • Note:
    If you use the "HDD Audio Remote" application, you also need to update this application.
    The latest version of the "HDD Audio Remote" application does not support the following operating system versions.

    • Android 3 or earlier
    • iOS 8 or earlier
Turned on the player and was thrilled a new update was available.  Both the new firmware and new remote software works beautifully.  
The only complaint I’ve had with the Z1es is maintaining a connection (or re-establishing a dropped connection) with the iPhone and iPad remote apps. I think they managed to fix it in this update. I assume this is what they mean by “improves stability when using the HDD remote...”
I noticed the remote connects to the player more quickly and it has not lost the connection since the update.
Yep have been using new release for several days, much improved. No more issues.