Firebird Suite

I would like some opinions on the best Firebird Suite preferably on SACD or DVDA.
LP: the famous Dorati as far as hifi fireworks is the best.
Boulez/Chicago play it straight with wonderful color, power when appropriate, and a breathtaking recording. After imprinting on Boulez, everything else seems overwrought. Ditto for Rite of Spring with Boulez/Cleveland.
Thanks for the replies. I have the Dorati and the Shaw(Telarc) I am looking at the Tilson Thomas. I'll check into the Boulet.
The Leinsdorf / LA Phil is also great with powerful dynamics.
Not to nitpick, but the fabulous Dorati is the full ballet, not the Suite. Cheers,
I know Sbank and I prefer the suite.
Check out the Jarvi conducting the Cincinnati orchestra on Telarc... Its a plain old Redbook, but will blow the socks off any SACD or DVD hi def version.