Finite Elemente Master Reference stand-5 shelves

Hi musiclovers!
Has anyone experience of granite platform between turntable and Master Reference shelf.
I use one under my TW Acustic Raven One with Finite Cera Puchs as feet. Between platform and shelf I use rubber discs from the pucks.
I found sound improving
Or are the stand optimally designed without anything between.
Appreciate other views.

Many thanks and happy listening!
I use the Cerepucs under my SME 20/2a and my Finite Pagode Master Reference. Should be a pic posted under my system.

I do like the Cerapucs under the SME. I have not tried granite...
Nice system. I´ve heard (rumours) that hard slate is even better than granite in absorbing energy.
Having a heavy platform in either granite or slate on a stand will make it less sensitive towards footsteps and vibration in general. Differences in absorbing, and rejecting, various frequency spektra varies with type of stone/composition.
I have TW Acustic Raven One turntable with SME V and AirTight PC-1 cartridge. A non-suspended turntable whereas
SME20A is suspended. I´m not shure wether it will make more or less difference with a heavy platform underneath a suspended turntable. Only way to find is to try, granite is no that expensive, make shure surfaces are flat especially using Cera Puchs.

Regards and enjoy music!
anyone hv any experience replacing the Finite Element shelf with a custom made shelf (in wood, stone, acrylic, etc.)?