Finite Element Cerapuc


Anybody here with experience in use of Finite Element Cerapuc in your system ?
I am about to understand/use those so I am consulting you for this.
I saw in stock pictures there are some bolts & nuts associated. What are those for? How to use those bolts & nuts ?
In accessory package there is something with the shape like a screw driver. What's that for ?

Thanks! Rick
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The bolts and nuts are for attaching the Cerapuc's to your equipment... in place of the OEM footers. The thing that looks like a screw driver is used for turning the Cerapuc's in-order to level the equipment.
Agree with what Raks says.

I'll add you don't need to bolt it on...more of a option. The Cerapucs will make a'll hear it.
I have used Cera Pucs for years under my amplifiers and my phonostage and they really make them shine. Definitely in stillpoint league.