Finds at the atlanta record show,,,2 tremendous LP

1. An audiophile pressing 180g limited Discovery Records,,of Oregon's Out Of The, awesome awesome!CD quiet background, great clarity and dynamics....
2. Chesky Records' New York Reunion, McCoy Tyner with Joe Henderson, Ron Carter and Al Foster....Incredible detail and soundstaging and overall realism..a tad heavy on the sax though..

otehr miscellaneous:

3.King Crimson' Beat
4.german RCA LSP 10068 Stereo recorded live: The Duke at Tanglewood. Duke Ellington, Boston Pops and Arthur Fiedler...
5.EMI/Angel Digital of Nadja Salerno-Sonenberg, violin...Mendelssohn, Saint Saens, Massenet
6.Sefel Records (digital) of Zoltan Kodaly and Leos Janacek,,,Arpad Joo and The London Symphony with most Sefel's, sounds extrremely good.
7. RCA Red Seal Digital..Julian Bream, Music of Spain, Vol.4..playing Sor and Aguado. Bit sterile suonding.
I get paraniod, and have to get there at 10am...because you never know who takes off with the goods befor I do,,,but this time I drover from 3.5 hrs away and was very late..

although some dealers charge ebay prices...(rolling my eyes)
Every 6 weeks i believe, the next one is sunday May 22 at the marriott hotel in Windy Hill, exit 260 off 75 (75 and 285) just about. $3 dollar entry fee.
Hi to all you Audiogoners from Atlanta!
I live here.
Wonder how many of us there are?
Awesome, I didn't know of it and am here in Alpharetta. Will be at the next one!
Another Atlanta-area listener here. Can someone please post info about the Atlanta record shows? Is there a website with updates and announcements of future shows?

Many thanks, and good listening,

You will see the yellow flyers on all LP/Cd stores usually...its almost religiously every 6 weeks on a sunday from 10-4pm at the same hotel..
Get on the mailing list by signing up at the next show. There is also one in Chattanooga but only every six months.