Finding 'The weakest link" in my stereo

So I ahve been pretty happy with my system. Decided to try aa new cable: Cardas Parsec. I wanted to replace the main sevenmeter run from preamp to amp, but decided to try a one meter Parsec first, just to see if it would be an upgrade or just a lateral move.

So i get the wire and stick in in my setup choosingthe link between my VAC Standard (I use it for a glorified tube buffer) and my pream Bryston BP-26.
The wire I had in there was some KCAG I had cut and with Kimber Ultraplate RCA.
So i am pleasantly impressed with the Parsec.
And didnot even realize the former cable was a "Weak Link".
(The immediate expereince was listeningto some hadyn string quartets (Naxos) from a box set, when the cable arrived via FedEx. So I put the new calbe in and immediately started listening.The big difference was the sound was not 'steely' as before. I thught it was just the recording was that way. Not so. Here it is the third day, and while listening to other items between, right now I am back to the Hadyn quartets box. and the sound is far more enjoyable. So good luck was found in buying the Parsec, and happening to choose the particular connection to change.

So what are you eperiences with finding the weak link in your cabling?

(i realize this whole post is not a question, but it is high time was started using these forums for more than newbie questions and perplexing problems. And I invite others to post things they find interesting.. So we can discuss the issues.)
Amen to that. I'd love to see more postings for interesting things too rather than pricing questions from lazy people who refuse to do any research.

For me I found a system weakness through a cabling audition. I tried a pair of Black Cat Audio Morpheus speaker wire some time ago. Per my normal procedure I set up a break in rig to burn in the cable for about 2 weeks straight. I then took the Morpheus speaker wire and put it into my stereo system. I found that with the Morpheus speaker wire and the DH Labs ICs I had in place the music was dull and on some tracks the highs were unbearable. I found I had a big mis-match all around and didn't have the funds to go all Black Cat Audio ICs so I had to start from scratch cabling wise. So I guess I had all sorts of issues and not one weak link.
All I know, or think I know, is that if you have more than source you need to put the best you have between your pre and amp.
Mine were the ICs between my integrated and CDP. I tried some Darwin Silver ICs and the improvement was more than subtle.
More, and better defined bass.
A coherence that I've previously not thought possible (since I thought I had that base covered).
A larger and more naturally proportioned soundstage.
More air on the higher end with better ambience as well.
They were also the easiest to break in with the shortest time I"ve experienced.
All in all they took about 45 min to an hour to fully settle in which makes me believe there are way too many cable makes out there that don't understand dielectrics, or cables for that matter.

All the best,
Elizabeth, Cardas "House Sound" is often described as warm.

I was looking for good speaker cables for my class D amplifier when I finally found complain about Acoustic Zen Satori stating it is overly warm/full at the lower midrange. That's exactly what I need, I exclaimed, since my amp was a little weak there. It is match in heaven - male voices have "chestiness", cello sounds like cello and I sound happy.
I never subscribed to the theory of limiting the cost of my cables in comparison to the cost of my equipment. My weakest link has to be my Theta Intrepid amp but I can't convince myself to part with it.
Check all connections for proper polarity and try the interconnects in both directions to see which way sounds better. Not to mention fuses, each of which should be tried in both directions for best sound. All wire is directional.
Changing the driver tubes in my monoblocks from EH to GoldLion was a surprising upgrade in sound quality.Got rid of that last bit of annoying excess sibilance,and actually improved every other aspect as well.Nice when a small change works out so well!
I thought this thread was about cabling but after rereading, I'd like to add one more thing that I've found to be a huge improvement that's not cable related.

I've mentioned on another thread how my speakers are made: they're semi-open baffle and have three different sized openings on the rear (you can change the slats which in turn, change the opening) and when I completely removed them, the soundstage took a dramatic turn for the better.

I used the largest slat which had the smallest opening for bass reinforcement since my speakers only go down to 40Hz and then drop off rather quickly. After getting my Darwin Silver ICs, the bass went deeper and was better defined. Playing around with the tone controls on my Marantz added some more welcome bass without any real drawbacks.

Still being on the experimental phase, I went back to direct in (no tone control adjustments) and fiddled with the rear slats on the speaker.

Insert 'epiphany' here.

I'm guessing that when the opening on the rear is larger, the speaker acts more like a dipole and most likely something more that I can't figure out since the bass is better defined and just as deep as before and the images now seem to float, independent of the speakers and not have that projected quality. Details abound and notes seem to dissipate in more directions. The only analogy I can think of is things are no longer congested, which I never thought they were before. There is a freedom and naturalness to the sound that I really enjoy. Interaction between players is more convincing as well since things are a lot more coherent.

All in all, my biggest thrill of the year.

All the best,
Never hurts to try something different once in a while.It can be rewarding or at least interesting.Good thread Elizabeth!
Elizabeth, I assume your Naxos Haydn box set is the Kodaly Quartet. I have v3, which has an assortment of Op 9, 33, and 42 quartets. If that is representative of the recording to which you refer, it appears to be recorded in a hot, reverberant venue. It is not bright or steely through my system, but because of the venue, it wouldn't take much wrong to make it present that way. What you experienced with changing one IC is akin to what I experienced after having replaced numerous components of my system. The big question is does this improvement extend to most if not all of your music collection? If the answer is yes, then you have in fact addressed the weakest link. If not, you have found an IC that will optimize a portion of your music collection at the expense of the remainder.
For me, I have found several breakthroughs that make everything sound better-- and a relative few that have just given a bit different voicing that makes certain recordings sound better at the expense of others. The former are still in use, the later have passed into disuse.
Did I understand your post correctly, you switched a 7m long cable for a 1m long cable? I also assume it was single ended, is this correct?