finding the weak link

I have been debating whether to post this and decided that the experience and insights of you all would be very helpful.

I am using primarily an Aurender A10 and Dr Feickert turntable as my sources with a Prima Luna Dialogue premium integrated amp (mostly using KT150's)  and Vienna Acoustics Liszt speakers. To upgrade my system further my thought was the the Prima Luna is the weak link. Any thoughts? If you agree, what are your thoughts for a replacement?

Thank you!!


Sounds like you’re asking three separate questions. Change digital, change analog, of change the PL.  With digital, you could add a dac. I’d look at RTR dacs as they are generally warmer. For analog, an upgrade of you cartridge would bring a Big Bang for your money and then a phono preamp.  As far as the PL amp, depending on your budget, separates might be a good avenue for you to check out. 

BTW, what is you budget for any and all changes?

All the best.


I can't thank you guys enough, this is great and more than I possibly expected.

1. I will be swapping out the MoFi for a Manley Chinook Labs Chinook special. A new cartridge is in the works as well.

2. I have been pricing out REL's and that trigger will be pulled near term.

3. The question above by curiousjim bring the conversation back to the original intent. I have had questions in the past whether to upgrade from the PL was the right way to go or not. This posting was triggered by reading an exchange in a Vienna Acoustics group re: what amps people were using with their VA Liszts. While there weren't a huge number of responses to the question, the answers were startling in that people were using some serious amps to power their systems (Jeff Rowland, AVM, Devialet, Gryphon, Soulnote, etc). I began to look into a number of integrated amps (Rowland, AVM, Hegel, esp. demos) but was not sure that that was the right path. 

This exchange has been a real eye opener and I'm looking forward to seeing the impact of upgrading the phonostage, cartridge, and subwoofers. After all that, I'll reconsider the integrated amp, although I do not rule out separates. Thank you all very much again.


Very nice. The Manley Chinook is supposedly a great bang for the buck. Kevin Deal really likes them. I have never heard it but I trust the opinions of those who have them. You should be very happy with that upgrade

FWIW  I'd wait a couple weeks to let the Chinook get broken in before putting the sub(s )in the chain. This will help you identify  just how much improvement it did and then enjoy the sub. It should provide another thrill as well

Let us know how you like the upgrades

Great point. I am a big believer in Kevin's opinions. I've contacted Upscale Audio and look forward to listening to it.

Thank you all again!