Finding the ultimate universal player

Im looking for a universal disc player with a very specific set of features but haven't quite found one that has it all. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for a model that will do the trick:

blu-ray, dvd, sacd, cd player

can be used as stand-alone DAC or transport (at least for sacd and cd)

balanced (xlr) analog stereo outputs

built like a tank

$4-$6k new

Will be feeding Jeff Rowland Continuum 500 integrated amp and JMLab Micro Utopia Be monitors w/Sunfire sub. Cables to be determined.
It sounds like the Ayre DX5 would suit the bill , but you will have to wait for a used one , its alot more than 4 to 6 large . When ever you add ( the Ultimate ) to it , add some cash . I preferred the Ayre C5mp for red book CDs . Players that also do Video don't usually sound as good as one trick ponies .
Have a great day
Guess I should've clarified... I'm looking for something in the $1-$2k range USED that WAS $4-$6k new. Not a lot of money to throw around after just purchasing the amp and speakers.. just looking for a good value. Maybe Oppo with a nice used DAC is the closest I can get right now? I am more interested in audio quality than video quality.
Check out reviews of the Arcam DV 139, The Sony DVP 9100ES and the Integra high end universal. and Esoteric DV 50 and 60. All were top of the class 2 or 3 years ago.
I'd consider an Esoteric player and an inexpensive blu-ray machine. You can get a UX3 for less than $3k; they are incredibly well made and listed for about $9500 new. An Oppo or other blu ray player in the $200 range should be fine for movies. The UX3 is a big step up from the DV50 and DV60 and the price differentials nowaday are small relative to their original new selling prices.
Thanks so much for your suggestions. The Esoteric UX3 looks like a good choice, so I will keep an eye out for good deals. I am also considering a Marantz UD9004 which does blu-ray/dvd/sacd/cd but it doesn't have a digital input to use it as a stand-alone DAC. There are various mod services that may be able to add a digital input, though... Gonna check with Asi Teknologies ( and see if they could do that. Has anyone worked with them before?