finding the right speakers for my room + budget

Hi everyone, I'm trying to find the right speakers for my listening tastes, room, and budget.

Budget = $1750... I don't mind used at all.

Image and soundstage should be great of course
I like a relaxed speaker that I can listen to all day.
Vocals, acoustic, strings, live music is what i listen too most. But I do listen to many genres so it should be versatile
I want something detailed which is sometimes hard to find when you go to warm/relaxed.
Maybe the most important, they should sound real. If i close my eyes i dont want to know im listening to speakers. When i open them i should be amazed that the sound is coming from 2 wooden boxes.

My room is 10x17 but the speakers will be firing short ways across the room, so across the 10 ft section.

I can not place them out into the room, they need to be close to the wall. I wont say how close to the wall since that depends on how deep the speaker is but the front of the speaker can only be about 15" from the wall. So most likely 0-6" spacing to the wall.

One speaker will be near a corner of the room. About 12" or so from the corner.

I listen at low to medium volumes.

Most of my music is stored on my computer and plays through a DAC. Blue circle USB Thingee. Some is through CD

If they are a floorstander they need to be a small floorstander. think Totem Staff, Vienna Mozart, B&W CM8

I will pick an amp after i find the right speakers.

Thank you in advance for your help. I'm sure you guys will point me in the right direction(s).

If any more info is needed, let me know.

Honestly, I can't imagine someone not being happy with a pair of Focal 816v speakers. They are a little above your state budget at retail prices, but you should give them a listen. My local store may have some for a reduced price in a discontinued color. Email me if you want their information.

The thing that makes me think that you'll like these speakers is that I have the Focal 836v that is two models up, but shares drivers and my favorite sounding instruments on them are strings. I really think they do a great job of just about anything, but percussion and strings are amazing. I almost purchased the 816v, but opted to go big because I liked the instrument seperation of the 836v.
I suggest you consider the pair of Verity Taminos for sale now on the Gon. I have a pair of Taminos and have used them in a room very similar to your situation with great success. They are very musical and I believe meet your criteria perfectly. You would have to stretch your budget a wee bit. The asking price is $1895, but keep in mind that they list for $5995. That is quite a bargain if they are in the condition as stated and shown in the pics.

Good Luck!
Spendor 3/5r on stands will fit the bill!
To be honest, I don't really remember how these actually sounded, but the Vandersteen surround sound speakers, used as main left and right speakers, perhaps augmented be their subs, might meet your criterion.
You may find it difficult to dial in your new speakers with those placement constraints. I'd look into stand-mounted speakers that have a good reputation in terms of being easy to position. Personally, I like the Totem Model 1 Sigs and Usher Be-718s.

I'll second the Spendors. Might also consider S5e floor standers, which can be had well within your budget.
Thanks for the suggestions. the spendor s5e look interesting. Totem Model 1's ive heard great things and liked their hawks when i heard them. Varity look intersting becuase they look like a good deal used but im not sure if they will be too much for my room and placement may be an issue.

Any other suggestions?
You described the Acoustic Zen Adagios. The Jrs. show up once in awhile in your price range.
My first recommendation - the Verity Taminos - remains unchanged. For super flexibility in terms of room placement and for high value per $ spent on new gear, consider a new pair of Rega RS5's. The Rega RS5 is an excellent speaker. It is, of course, no where near as good as the Verity Tamino. IMHO.