Finding the match system for my JMLab AltoBE Spkrs

I have a pair of JMLab AltoBE Floorstander and thinking of a Hovland HP-100/MC Phono-stage preamp hookup to Conrad Johnson Premier 140 power amp and source is Clearaudio turntable w/Dynavector 17DMK2 cartridge and a Marantz SA-1 SACD/CD Player. Like to hear from you exsperts out there for advice.
I have the same speakers and I just bought acoustic reality mono blocks they put out 300 watts and their a match made in heaven. I had a small bryston, B&K 505 and a granite audio tube amp with these speakers also and the earI mkII amps tromped them in every area period. My cd player is a granite audio tube cd player which I played against the old rega planet and the new aero audio cd player and the granite player beat them both though on some cd's not many the aero audio player did match the granite player. Now I,m looking into wires. hope this helps most of these products you can try and return within so many days if you don't like them so what i did was get 2 or 3 of the products at the same time and audition them at the same time same material and same conditions. Good luck the Altos can sound phenomenal with the right equipment or just ok with the wrong stuff. So if your not pleased with the sound it's not the speakers.
Hi, Buynow
I want to share my experience. I've listened JM Lab AltoBE with fully Bel Canto set up in the demo room (retail shop), using Bel Canto Pre6, Bel Canto Evo2 power amp, Universal CD player Bel Canto, DAC 2 Bel Canto and all fully kimber select cable and speaker cable using KS 3035. I was really2 surprised that the sound was really fantastic, pretty much the best set up I've ever heard. But the salesman there had try to demo those set up with Luminous cable(his own cable, he said luminous cable (Sinchestra model) killed the kimber select set up, I was pretty amazed with those set up but I could'nt imagine if i was there when he used his own cable to blew away kimber select set up which is costing 3x/4x more. even the integrated Bel Canto Evo 2i also blew away Musical Fidelity trivista integrated which is costing 3x more. From my opinion JM Lab speaker works the best with digital amp same as Tracyd's response. So I bet u'll like it, just give them try man......