Finding Rare Vinyl

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good service for finding hard to find vinyl. I'm fortunate in that I travel for work, so have made friends with many local shop owners and have a sort of network of eyes that can find things for me. But... I'm looking for something that was produced in a very small number and not even that long ago. It's just that sought after. Anybody know of someone good at finding that rare gem or very limited item?

Thanks in advance.
Interesting post. Sort of a vinyl Sherlock Holmes... Curious if you tried the usual suspects:
ebay, amazon, gemm, elusivedisc, etc
Give these a try - I have great success with both.
You are 15 years late
Why not tell us specifically what you're looking for? Just an idea.
Google it.
Yeah. I've tried all those. I'm actually looking for Champion Versions by the Beta Band. Sometimes they pop up but are very hard to find.
Here ya' go pal. Only $400. Jump on it before the world finds out.
Thanks Chayro. Hard to find. I don't really have to much of a problem with the price. Dude won't sell in the US. Sketchy.
Won't sell IN the US? He's located in the US and the ad says he ships worldwide. Perhaps a miscommunication? I'll have to give a listen to that band BTW.
Yeah. I contacted the guy and he says that he can "only ship outside of the US". Sounds like BS. I just need to keep looking for it. They pop up every now and then. Check them out though. Very different stuff and Champion Versions if by far their best EP in my opinion. I've got all of their stuff ripped to FLAC but really want it on vinyl.
I just listened to a couple of tracks on You Tube. They remind me of the Beatles and the Kinks a little bit. Interesting. Maybe I'll pick up one of their records.
Champion Versions is contained in a rerelease of their first three EPs cleverly titled "The Three EPs." Not unlike some Beatles and I wouldn't have thought Kinks, but fits well. The later eps get a little Prog, but sort of Folk/ Prog. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for your input.