Finding or making feet for my Technics SL 1200

I bought a Technics Sl 1200 that was mounted to a Wall on a rather large shelf. The TT has no feet. the ones that came with this model were three or so inches long.Does anyone have any ideas on where i can find the stock feet or should I just build something to support thr turntable?This is the first model 1200. Thankyou in advance. Steven
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I'm not sure where you are located....
US: $18.99ea

UK: £11.95ea

you can see in the image on the page that the top is rubber. This functions as a dampening device as well.

Other traditional type feet that are compatible with the threaded holes can be found in this Audiogon thread:
Technics SL1200 Footer thread size?
good luck
Thankyou but those are not the footers I need. I need the ones that are about 3 inches long. Mine is the first model that had long legs.It is not a Mk2 or Mk5.It's a plain old 1200.
Sorry, the original SL1200 does use a different foot than those used on all of the subsequent SL12xx models. Threaded cone feet should work for you.

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