Finding Denon PMA-900 / TU-600 Parts in Eastern Pa


I'm trying to find where I might be able to find the ACA Accessory Cabinets (rosewood side panels) for a Denon PMA-900V and a Denon TU-600.

I have the service manual for the 900V (but not the owners manual...would be nice to find that as well !), it lists them as "wood board" "part"# 1019026003 (R) and #1019027002 (L). I have no info on the 600; the owners manual is no help, and I don't have a service manual for it yet. I have seen them on E-bay and elsewhere as ACA-xx Accessory cabinets.

I have not called/e-mailed Denon or there replacement parts dept., as I think that the 900V and TU-600 are vintage they'll not be able to be ordered. I could be wrong but most of their authorized replacement websites are no help at all which leads me to believe they wouldn't be much help either.

I live in Eastern Pa., pretty close to N.J. and approximately 90 miles from N.Y.C. if anyone has an idea of any Hifi/Electronic stores to call, websites to check, or if you possibly have them and are willing to sell em at a fair price please let me know.

A quick look on ebay shows some sellers who make side panels for audio equipment. I'd look into something made for you units.

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I emailed TSTO on 6-19. I also noticed that they repair turntables. I've been wanting to get my old Denon reconditioned (some of the caps are going bad, works then it doesn't, then it does- very weird). Still waiting to hear back. I check E-bay everyday. Sellers who make side panels for audio equipment? I suppose I could get a carpenter/hobbyist to actually manufacture them.? Never thought about doing that.