Finding a RARE Song or LP HELP?????

Hello All,
I have gotten numerous requests for a post that I have entered on a few forums. There was a movie from 1981, called "He Knows Your Alone" was a Horror/Mystery Movie in Theaters. During the movie, they show an actress, at night, She turns on a Turntable, with a LP on the platter spinning...they do show the Lable of the LP during this scene. The Actress then puts on a set of nice Headphones..rolls a joint...and starts smoking. She cues up a song on the record, called "It's The Night Again".....this leads to an exciting scene as she listens to this song, smoking....the song continues to play, and she can hear nothing but the song, due to headphones.

The song "It's The Night Again" an excellent song. It plays on for a minute or so, but great song. They did not make a Soundtrack to this Movie, "He Knows Your Alone" it has been very hard finding the song. The Artist that actually sings the song on the LP, is named VINI CANALLI...but the song was written by someone else, which I did fins easily with a Google Search. Finding an LP with the Song on it, is entirely different though. Very Difficult. It Seems that VINI CANALLI is a popular Vocalist in Italy. The song does not have any sort of Italian Accent to it though. Sounds just like a normal song from the time. Since Posting my Request for this, many people have emailed me, asking if I found a copy. They are trying as well. Im wondering if maybe its more popular in Europe than here in USA. If anyone can be of any help on this, Id really appreciate it so much!!!!! Thanks, Ray