Finding a matching center channel

Hi guys! I'm building a home theater and bought a pair of Focal Cobalt 816S speakers to be my front left and right. I'm having a lot of trouble finding a matching center channel (The cobalt CC800s), which is understandable given the age of these speakers.

I understand that the Cobalt line has been replaced with the Chorus line. Would a CC700V or CC900 sound comparable? I just don't want my front stage to sound worse because of a non-matching center. the speakers are far enough apart that the 'phantom center' has left me wanting...

Thanks for any advice!
Is the center channel quality- size-type of driver that important? It's only for dialog.
For Home Theater and movies, the center channel is probably the most important speaker, in my opinion.  Yes, it is mostly dialog, but that is most of the audio that is tracked in movies.  The size of the driver can have a little bit of influence on quality.  Low frequency dialog, such as men's voices, can have a little more substance/solidness if you play them from the center channel (using center as a LARGE full range).  If you crossover the center and send low frequencies to left/right or the subwoofer, it can be a little less solid.
centre channel is the most important speaker in a HT. Ur ears are very sensitive to the frequencies that voices span.

if u can nail the mids and get a good sub then ur done as far as i am concerned.

i use sonus faber cremona floor standers and centre in my ht across the front and SF Minuettos at the back. Sub is from Marten. 

if i did it again i would buy cheaper bookshelf models all round ....