Finding a DAC that will process SACD's

I have a Oppo 981 that plays SACD's too. I definitely want to add a D/A converter to improve on my CD player. The Benchmark and PS Audio units have been recommended in my price range. But I want to make sure they will process my few SACD's. What do I look for in a DAC to know if it does. Any recommendations ? Need a little help in trying to educate myself on the higher end gear.
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Won't work. For a transport to pass a DSD signal, and for a DAC to take a DSD signal, requires a special interface. While some transport/DAC systems from dCS, Accuphase, Esoteric and EMM Labs, to name a few, exist, they are proprietary and limited to their own equipment. All you can output from your Oppo is a pcm digital signal from the CD layer of your discs, and that's all most DACs will be able to decode.
In addition to proprietary connections, one can output DSD over HDMI to any AVR or pre/pro that will handle it. Those will handle PCM output from the player, as well. More will be coming on line very soon.

Thanks for the response. Kind of already knew what the answer would be. Just didn't understand why, now I know. Hopefully sometime down the road in the near future there will be something affordable out there that will process SACD's.
multi channel pcm can be sent through HDMI with the oppo