Find the weak link to help me spend $800 or so

This is preliminary, since I am am moving to a new room, and that may dictate what I need to do. But here is my main system. I listen, by the way, to lots of different kinds of music -- presenting every demand short of techno/dance club level of bass and volume. Also, I listen to about 70% vinyl, and lots of radio. I am basically an analog guy. I do have a ton of CDs though. Finally, I am sorely tempted to throw tubes into the mix. But what and where?

Anyway, what would you do w/$800 or so audio hardware-dedicated $ (please don't recommend software -- that comes from a different pool of $. Also, don't ask me what I am dissatisfied with, because I think this system is pretty damned nice -- but I want to play with it a bit for fun). Gimme some ideas, if you care to.


Analog Front end:

Giant two armed Jean Nantais Lenco L75; Arm 1: AT 1005 MkII, Denon DL103 Soundsmith Rudy cantilever contact line retip; arm 2: Grace 707, Shure M97 Era IV

Sansui TU 710 Tuner (same as TU-717 -- recently realigned and fully serviced)

Digital Front End:

Original Rega Planet
Oppo 981 SACD Player


Accuphase P-300
Accuphase C-200
(Both of the above recently recapped and fully serviced.)
Denon AU300LC step up device


Thiel CS2.2

Sennheiser HD-600


Nothing fancy, as I am not a believer in them, or in tweaks generally.

Any thoughts?

How about a good headphone amp? Maybe a Woo Audio or a AudioValve RKV. Both are tube products; the RKV is OTL and many of the Woo amps are SET, so definitely a different flavor from ss.
How's the room acoustics? You say you don't believe in tweaks but if you haven't addressed this issue it is worth a look.
BTW, I'm not a big cable believer either.
This is preliminary, since I am am moving to a new room, and that may dictate what I need to do..u just answered your own question...take care of the room with the best you can afford using acoutical materials...I beleive thats the best way to spend the money.
DAC for your Planet: new Rega, EE, MHDT, used AN?
Get the Rega modded?

You really should splurge and see what a decent pair of interconnects can do for your system. Not an $800 pair.

Do you have a line conditioner?
Maybe replace the step-up with a CineMag based one?

Or buy more records.
Since you like analog and your vinyl rig already, try a mhdt paradisea or Havana tube DAC with your CD player assuming it has digital output and see if that helps up the digital ante sound-wise for you.
Why not try different cartridge or get some motor controller for your table?
Add a high quality directional antenna.
Has any of your gear been tested recently to make sure it's performing to it's full potential ? Otherwise, nice rig. I like where you spent your $.
Different/better speaker cables. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
Nice set up. I can't help myself either - priority for upgrades:

-Power supply for new room - 10 guage romex with dedicated breaker and decent outlet(s)

-acoustics of room, room treatments on wall surfaces, windows and corners

-a really secure foundation for your turntable, stone, thick wood platform, etc.

-replace power cables on your amp (sorry)

-upgrade IC between pre and amp (sorry)

-replace power cable on pre (sorry)

-replace power cable on Rega (sorry)

-upgrade IC between Rega and pre (sorry)

-upgrade your speaker cables (sorry)

Stop and take breath. Each successive upgrade in current delivery, acoustics and isolation will be more noticable than the last because the benefits are cumulative and limiting performance inherent in your quite good exisrting gear.
Hey thanks for all the replies!

Room conditioning is of course a great idea, except that I am likely to be in that room for only a year and a half or so. Plus I kind of favor low budget room conditioning. I don't regard room conditioning as a tweak -- the room is a hugely important component. But I don't want to invest big $ in it 'cause its temporary. Similar remarks go for upgrading the electrical sockets, etc.

I have thought of dac for the Planet. The question for me is whether vinyl is so superior to digital that a dac won't make sufficient difference to get me listening to more CDs what with all the vinyl I have. Of course, a tube buffer or tube tube preamp with or without phono (I could run the C-200's phono stage through the tape out into the line stage of a tube pre) might be a nice change/improvement for all sources.

The headphone sections in the Accuphase pre and power amps are already quite good, plus I have a Meier Corda MkII that I like pretty well.

I already have other cartridges to swap out -- an excellent good older Grado and a Sonus blue gold, and a plain vanilla DL103.

Slowhead -- all the gear is up top spec, I am sure. There I have spent money.

An antenna is a great idea, Onhwy61. That can be moved, and I do love my local community radio station (WMNF Tampa). I'll see how the reception is in the new place.

Well, I still need to think about it. But keeps those suggestions coming, folks!
Rnm4: I was refering to your pre/power. That pre has a historic following, a fine piece from that era. Sounds like you have that covered.
Other thoughts: Swap the Grace for a used Graham 2.2. Consider another SUT, something that can be modified to really dial in to your specs.
If your using a stock platter mat, Herbie's makes a fairly priced one that improved playback on my idler.
After trying many atennas, I use a small outdoor bipole. Not much more than a two car antennas on a stick, but quite effective and inexpensive.
I agree with you that your system is "pretty damn nice". I do not see a power conditioner listed. If that is not an oversight, that is the first thing I would consider. I believe it would improve the performance of almost every other component. Even if you decide to get something else right now, it is something you should get eventually.

Is there a power conditioner available for $800 or less that you could recommend? All the ones I would suggest cost several thousand and up, why I didn't mention it.