Find another DAC for my original Rega Planet?

Am wondering if its worth it too find another dac for my original rega planet or just upgrade to another player. really have no reason except for the thought i might get better sound for cheaper then buying another player.
Great transport. I've listened to this as a transport only in systems worth $20,000. Works well with many DACs. The Assemblage, Audio Zone, Scott Nixon......
Sell it while you can.
Those lasers are all failing now due to their age and limited lifecycle and they're expensive to repair IF you can find someone to even do it for you.
Rega won't repair them.
I know many people with CDPs that have had them since the 80s/early 90s and have never had problems with laser/transport failure. Just curious what is the failure rate of the laser assembly and/or transports over time? Also, are certain laser assemblies/transports more prone to suffer from failure than others?


I'm a bit surprised to hear that Rega, won't repair/replace the laser in the orginal Planet? I would be curious where you got this information? Rega seem be a large enough and well-established audio manufacturer that you would think that they would be able to offer a repair service and replacement parts for some their older products.