Finally, ultrasonic cleaning for the masses!

Get in now!

I'll wait and read the reviews this summer, considering their roll out schedule.
Looks like the humminguru may be a very good option! Certainly seems to be a better solution than a Kirmuss, which does not have a drying cycle! Only question is what the price will ultimately be in the US and when and if it will be truly available. We shall see....
Certainly an inexpensive option but basically requires manually filling the unit every time you go through a clean/dry cycle. I realize this keeps the unit simple (and cheaper) but it seems this would be rather labor intensive when cleaning many records in a single sitting. And if you want to reuse the water you would really need to filter it each time.
Would never want to air dry a record.  You need suction to remove all the crap you just removed.  Letting contaminants air dry on the surface makes no sense.  I'm out.
Obviously the unit will have shortcomings for the cost. If it addresses the actual cleaning, perhaps it may have some value. I could live  with no drying if the price is right.

Incorporating a fresh water rinse and vacuum dry seems like it would almost be worth the trouble.

The combination of turnkey/inexpensive AND profitable, IMO is impossible? I'm not holding my breath yet.

Just received the humminguru and I like it and the results.  

cleaned 6 records yesterday in about half an hour. 

operation is simple- 

fill the removable reservoir with 400ml distilled water to the line. 

pour into the top of the unit. 

insert the drain reservoir into the side of the unit

drop the record through the slot, press gently.

hit the "auto" button twice, then press the center "go" button. 

record will clean for 5 minutes, drain the water into the drain tank and fan dry for 5 minutes.  

to clean another record just remove the reservoir tank and pour the water in the top again, replace empty tank and go.  

works very well.  there is a very comprehensive thread at the Hoffman forum.