Finally stepping into the hobby after 30 years of watching from the sidelines

Ok, so I hope you are all ok with a longwinded post from a first time user of the forum.  I have been obsessed with vinyl and tubes since my dad played records for me as a 5 year old.  My wife and I are finally in a place that we can take the leap into the scene.  We want to grow our system over time and may even create 2-3 systems along the way as we have a bed and breakfast where we want to make analog part of the theme. 

We have made up our mind that our first speakers will be Vandersteen 2CE sigs.  That is about as far as we have gotten.  We definitely want to power them with tubes and have very little idea of where to start.  Obviously the mainstream option would be a Mcintosh mc275 and our local HiFi salesman would LOVE to sell us a pair of those.  However, we know that there are several cheeper/better options out there and would love some input from the board.  We'd like to keep the first amp under $3,000, but we aren't locked into that.  Keep in mind that we are ok starting with a single amp and then adding a second one along the way to mono them.  Also, we would love some help with a table/arm/cartridge!  One with an integrated phono stage is fine to start with and we would again be open to upgrading and adding a stand alone phono stage later on.  

We will be doing some electrical work soon to run a 40 amp fuse to the BnBs espresso machine and would be open to setting up a dedicated line for our main system at that time so that we can have clean power.  Has any one had any experience with this?  Any ideas or recommendations that you may have would be a big help here! 

Thank you all in advance, and we are really excited to finally be part of the scene! 
I agree with finding a good radial speaker design for that room. I would also look at Linear Tube Audio's new ZOTL40. The tightest bass. All tube design by David Berning. It drives my 87db Janszens with power a plenty. 
Hifiman5, people who started the thread. To experience tube sound fully you need tube power amp not only tube preamp.
Choice of dealers is important but not the most important and certainly not in the very beginning.
I think that the Rogue Cronus Magnum is worth looking at. It is tubed integrated with phono stage. The Rogue offers lots of power and since you are in a big room with speakers that are not very efficient I think you might want more than 25-40 wpc which is going to be typical for under $3k.

Right now good deals are available on Rega RP Turntables since they are  refreshing the line. These are great tables, easy to use and easy to set up. The rp3 is a table that you could likely live with forever. 
Sorry, did not see the post regarding the Cronus above until now!
I would look used for power , turntable and cartridge. Put aside some cash for room treatment ,one of the biggest upgrades i,ve ever done .
Good luck
Oh Ya spend some money on vinyl ,and stay away from remasters