Finally, something new

Hi Everyone,

I'm working on getting permission for this project, but I have a bit of time on my hands.

As some of you may know, I'm often bemoaning the lack of new methods and measurements. Most of the measurements we rely on in audio are stuck in the 1970s, with improvements to resolution and accuracy.

I'm working on some entirely different ways of measuring and evaluating electronics and speaker interactions. Well, I'm not sure how new it is, some one else probably did it before, but it will be new to me. :)

Stay tuned. I'm waiting on permission from 2L to use their source materials.


PS - Any amplifier manufacturers who want to loan me a 2 channel amplifier, I promise to keep results confidential. Nothing over 60 lbs, please!!

Same for preamps and DACs.
2L is primo

nulling is old news , but few know how to do it

my Music Reference is 62#, the Vandy 7 HPA a mere 122# with liquid cooling...

did you listen to Security yet ? It will eat your bass driver 
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So I just played the Security CD. Even with the bass boosted, my woofers are barely moving.
I have a new tape measure you could borrow.

Well I'm not sure how new it is but its new to me.
Erik good :-) it was a discussion about quality that led us there. 
I will let you go first on 2L since it’s all new to me