Finally "HiFi" streaming - comments on Tidal???

Tidalhifi has entered the streaming market with what it is calling "lossless" playback. I believe it is certainly the highest quality streaming service. I just got it ($20/mo) and it clearly out-performs Beats and Pandora on my systems. It is way cool to look up songs that I love but not enough to buy the CD to get a lossless recording. It's not cheap for sure but it sure is nice.

My next step is to try to get Amarra sQ to work with it. Anyone able to do that?
Wow, Mcmanus thanks for the heads-up. I stream all day long and would easily get my money out of this! guys are late to the game. This was discussed over a month ago.

Have you compared Tidal to the same music on CD, SACD and DVD-A?
Not as good as JRiver/server or my CD but its still their media player. I am still tweaking.
I tweaked. VERY happy. Having too much fun with it. Aces for $20 a month best audio deal you will see in your audio life.
I posted this to Tidal vs Spotify but it belongs here. I signed up for Tidal Streaming and immediately cancelled my account.

I discovered that Tidal Hi-Fi CD quality streaming is ONLY available on the Chrome browser and is NOT available on Safari, Bing or IE. I was very surprised. AAC 320 streaming is available on Tidal using Safari but the hi-fi CD quality option is not. I am willing to pay $20 per month for Hi-Fi CD quality but not for the AAC 320 streaming option.

I immediately contact Tidal and they report "they are currently working on making TIDAL available for more browsers. This expansion should happen soon as we finalize development".

I am surprised that Tidal only supports Chrome and not the other popular browsers. Does anyone know when Tidal Streaming will support Safari and the other browsers?
Why not just use Chrome? You didn't say, but I assume it doesn't work with Firefox either.
Tidal says they only support Chrome so I assume they do not support Firefox. I prefer to use Safari on my Mac and have no plans to use Chrome.
Tidal reports that "At this time we do not have a release date for the Safari feature. I know that it is currently in the development phase and should be available later this year".

Okay. I am looking into using Chrome on my Mac.
"Okay. I am looking into using Chrome on my Mac.
Hgeifman (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)"

I would too. Why miss out on something you want over such a minor issue? Remember, its a new venture and they may not have the resources to expand just yet. Personally, I really don't like Chrome, but if they had to choose 1 web browser for their service initially, its probably the best choice.
As suggested, I installed Chrome on my Mac and then installed Tidal. I cannot believe it. The sound quality is very good. I am still experimenting with different artists, etc. Based on results so far, it is easily worth $20 per month. Yes, it is a little slow to load the music but this is no problem. Thanks again for your suggestions.
And you can always just have the Chrome window open for Tidal alone and do the rest of your Internet browsing on another browser. Also, why not just download the app for Mac?
Just use the chrome browser for Tidal, its not a hard thing to do
I have three more comments on Tidal:

1) Another useful Tidal feature is that you select, for example, a Hilary Hahn CD, that you like and make it your favorite. Once done, you select that CD and page down lower on the screen. Addition Hilary Hahn CD's will be displayed that you can easily select for listening. This is a very useful feature for reviewing many CD’s from your favorite artists.

2) However, when I make an album a "favorite", sometimes it goes into the "artist category" and sometimes in the "album category". I would prefer that any album I make a favorite always goes into one of these categories and not the other. Currently I have some favorite albums in artist category and others in the album category. In summary, I prefer that any album I make a favorite, always goes into the album category so that all my albums are grouped together. Tidal reports that "they are reworking how favorites should work and this feature is about to change for the better, so you can arrange these the way you like by adding tags”.

3) Tidal Customer Support is excellent. I have emailed them 3 times and have received a response in 2-3 days.

I am using Chrome for Tidal and it works perfectly. Tidal is an excellent source for music streaming at CD quality to your audio system.
Hgeifman...I've never had the problem that you've had with the favorites category. If I'm on the album and save it, it goes to albums, if I'm on the artist, it goes into the artist favorites.

I just got done adding hundreds of artists to my favorites list from my Olive 04HD list and all of them went in correctly.

The one thing I wish they would fix on the SONOS system, is right now you can't use the "Artist Radio" function like you can on the webplayer.
Same here, I never had a problem. I answered you over at the other forum
Whoops. It was my error. I was told "You have to right click on the album and not the artist name and vice versa when you want to add it to favorites. Any slight over hang into the other will divert it into the wrong category".

A very simple mouse click solves the problem.
The tidal playlists are sweet and the system actually suggests music modeled after what you have listened to. Im on a 60's kick, so put in 'mamas & papas" and you can quickly get compilations, covers, anything you want. Hours and hours of music at your fingertips. And not MP3s!
I agree with Cerrot's post above. Tidal Hi-Fi is an excellent source for music streaming at CD quality. I have been listening for a week now and love it. Yes, it takes a few seconds to start an album and a few seconds between album songs but this is not a problem. Who cares! The sound quality is excellent. Tidal Hi-Fi offers great sounds since it is uncompressed internet audio streaming.
I'm loving it too.
Streaming via iPhone wired to my Lexus Mark Levinson and it sounds great. BT not so much. Wired it uses the car's DAC I presume.

Enjoy the music.
Isn't TidaL good for hirez, meaning better than cd quality. Does streaming from spotify or deezer sound anywhere close to an actual cd from a $3,000 cdp?
Justubes2...Tidal is considered "high quality" which means the sampling rate is 16 bit, 44.1k, which is exactly what a CD is. Deezer also has this, but does have some content that is MP3 (320k).

Spotify/Beats/Rhapsody are only MP3 at 320k, so a CD will sound quite bit better than these.

MP3's maximum is 320k
CD quality is 1411k (at 16 bit, 44.1)

Almost 5 times the resolution.