Finally - New Spendor distributor in North America

Spendor has finally chosen a new distributor after the apparently not-so-good job that Bluebird did ... The Sound Organisation, which also distributes a bunch of other UK brands including Chord, Fyne, ProAc, and Rega.

The bad news - they bumped up the prices on A-line and D-line a bit (A7 now $5500, D7.2 $7000) ... which surprises me to be honest given already high prices relative to UK.

The good news - looks like they are distributing the entire Classic series and we may now be able to actually audition them at local dealers ...
Still, with the pound currently at $1.36, the Classic pre-tax price in the UK is £7200 = $9800. That's $3200/25% less than US retail. Ouch. Similar markup on the other models. Which likely all goes to the distributor. A number of other European speaker manufacturers do their own distribution in N. America and are *much* more price competitive. eg. Dynaudio. Spendor is likely not big enough to make that work though.
You can't just adjust currency you need to add in the cost of shipping, distributor markup and retail markup. A 25% premium to get something to the US and through two tiers of distribution seems eminently reasonable. That's assuming you still want people employed in the wholesale and retail hifi business in the US.

ATC cut their prices by 25% for the US market a few months back.

Now they are the bargain.