Finally making progress, thanks guys

Well, my poor oracle/wtt setup was badly injured during my move. I came to you guys for help, assistance, and suggestions. Thanks to everyone.

I had wicked sibalence problems, i couldnt solve them. Turns out I needed a new cart (blue point) and a refill of silicone fluid in my tonearm. Well tempered tonearm owners, DONT overlook this if you are having problems!!! Sibalence is all but gone, and im wondering if the remaining isnt damage to my vinyl from playing with a burnt denon dl110.

Things are sounding better than they EVER have now. This is by a HUGE margin.

Thanks again audiogon!!! - Evan
Remember,if the last track on an album is more sibilant than others you still need to tweak your cartridge alignment until it is absolutely correct.
I am going to ask for a real cartridge alignment protractor for christmas. I am still using the paper one. It did a great job getting me on the right track though. Otherwise no complaints about the blue point. It could be better, but for the cash its the best thing ive had as of yet.

It is starting to breakin as well, the highs sound better and the bass is cleaner.

Thanks - Evan