Finally Lurked for 2 years, then bought......Rega

a Rega P-5 w/Exact II cart. and PSU controller. I've been "into" stereo since the 60's, but my equipment has always been low end due to $ constraints. Now that I can afford a bit better, I'm constantly amazed at what I hear. My speakers are Vandersteen 2ce signature, the "amp" is a Yamaha RX 2095 AV receiver - with a phono stage and a decent headphone output.

I've only been listening since last night, but I'm hearing a musicallity and a quickness and a rightness to the music that hadn't blessed my listening room before. I can now see why certain performances are far and away preferred to others. I look forward to break in on the cart and continuing explorations.

I thank those of you who shared your experience with Regas to an older audiophile who didn't want to tweak, just listen. I ended up with the right set up for me.

BTW, my BM dealer phoned me at 8:30 PM last night to make sure I was happy with the set up he'd done and that the music was flowing well.

Thanks, all,

Joe in Seattle
Congratualtions, Joe! Yours was a great story to share. Thank you!
Joe, great stuff. I think that we could enlist more music lovers into the hobby if they were aware that there were many simple user-friendly components available to easily enhance their home listening experience. You should mention the name of your dealer, he deserves it. Was it Hawthorne Audio?
He was quite patient....I went in and out of his shop for two years listening, bringing records, bringing my wife, and he always remembered who I was and what I was interested in.

I'm on about the 12th album since last night.......: )
Audio Connection on "the Ave" was the dealer.
I used to live in Seattle and frequented his shop also. Very nice man who was also patient with me, as it takes me forever to decide on some purchases. I also just recently bought a turntable and am enjoying it immensely. Have fun listening to your records. Sandra
Yes John at 'The Audio Connection" is a fantastic dealer.Anyone in Seattle who is in to highend tube gear/vinyl...etc. should visit his shop.He has been incredibly patient while I audition various componets.Also,he and Denis Had from CARY AUDIO have been wonderful in assiting me with modifications to my CARY phono stage and 805c amplifiers.
John will continue to assist you as you upgrade in the future.....
Glad you made the Rega move! great tables and the cart. is designed to match. I remember when I switched from a denon direct drive to a Rega 3 back in 1987... WOW! tweaked and tweaked the P-3 over the years and have now been a happy owner of the P-9 since 2001. Next move for you should be your amps.. the Vandy sig's. are very respectable. Also power filtering for the Rega table supply should make a difference.
Congrats Joe. It sounds like you are enjoying listening to your music, not your system. Keep it up. I wouldn't change a thing as long as it is satisfying you. Enjoy!

Let's see how many CD's you listen to now!

Right on, Joe! That's a real heartwarming story. Enjoy the new setup.

Congratulations Joe! After 12 years I'm spinning vinyl again. It is still miraculous how vinyl can sound. The matter whether vinyl is better than digital isn't solved yet, because I think analog and digital are two different media with own signatures. I've heard the Rega is a tweaker's delight. I wonder if it would matter if you place the turntable on a sort of vibration absorbing base (off the shelf or DIY). What kind of design is the Rega turntable (suspended or non-suspended)? Is the cartridge a MC or MM design? Happy New Year to all of you.