Finally--isolation problems solved

End of the year housecleaning, wondering what to do with all the miscellaneous post-holiday left-overs. And of course the annual dilemma-does fruitcake flush? So I'm chopping up these inedible masses of tasteless compost and it suddenly occurs to me--if George Cardas can sell little blocks of myrtle wood, grown only in isolated parts of the Oregon Coast, and other engineering geniuses can experiment, why can't I? Fellow audiophiles--fruitcake cubes are the answer! My Vac Phi Amps are now sounding sweeter than ever. My Esoteric DV-50 is more focussed and slightly more analogue sounding. My RPM turntable is sounding more stable, richer and spicier than ever before. Guys, this is the real deal. While YMMV, you may want to try this. My friend Tony, is even using his extra fruitcakes for room treatment, having placed one in each corner of the ceiling, and a couple of extra at primary bass nodes along the walls.
Just wondering, has anyone else had this experience with fruitcakes? Is it better to us the alcohol-free ones, and also, do the imported European cakes work better with tubes than with Solid-state? And what about cryo'd fruitcake cubes? The possiblities are endless. Next year I'm thinking about experimenting with acoustic applications of baklava. I'm thinking that sound filtered through many layers of buttered, sweetened phyllo dough could really solve a lot of problems with sibilance, as well as widening the soundstage. Happy New Year to my fellow A'goners:)
An unemployed comedian is nobody`s fool.
Please write up your amazing results and send them to George Cardas.

Let us know when you've done that, so then we can all send him our extra f-cakes (aren't they ALL extra?) for testing.
I thought there was really only one fruitcake in the world that is passed from family to family. If you go cutting it up into blocks then there'll be no more fruitcake...ever! I've got my amplifiers stacked on top of several new packages of underwear and socks. The effect is remarkably similar to your Fruitcake solution, but more widely available, especially if my theory (actually came from a famous comedian) is true. I'm guessing Calvin Klein and Fruit of the Loom are poised to drop their hats into the high-end tweak market given the amazing results I'm hearing. Wonder if there is some tie in with the "Fruit" of the Loom and "Fruit" cake?!

If that don't beat all... and here all the while I thought 'sponge' cake the real deal. Fruit cake does make sense though. I'd go with one laden with plenty of alcohol and without raisins. Removing the raisins and/or dates will improve one's efforts to detect the, by now, inebriated ants and roaches. Eradicating them will also be inherently improved as the now festive' creatures will be quite slow and deliberate in their meanderings. Easy prey to be sure.

One word of caution remains. Be advised to not fall victim to the 'designated decoy bug'. Usually chosen by lots, the 'DDB' will be the most noticeable of them all. ON the whole, usually the fattest, rudest, given to poor hygene, yet fleet of feet, and quite intelligent but possessing chronic poor luck. Often given to boasting of his elusive abilities, and other personal views he oft times shares with or without invite. He will make a spectacle of himself by uttering sharp profanities curt asides, and keen sarcasms to divert attention from his tribe. it almost always works too. Slow, deliberate yet able to dart away at warp spped when set upon... the “designated decoy bug” is the first line of defense for it's fellows.

Beware! It is also known to spit, bite, puke, and become most flagelant when pressed. Saving the wrapping paper from the cake is best suited to end the distracting pest’s formidable charade. Apart from the always effective rum soaked wrapping paper over handed swat, my personal favorite technique for eradication is the vastly more exciteing, and certainly more stealthy use of the Daisy BB gun. Holding an enormous amount of ammo, it cocks and fires quickly, has good range and possessesg significant ‘knock down’ power. This somewhat more eclectic technique provides for a far more involving, exciting and rewarding experience. The BB impacts upon the partying herd as they are picked off one by one, may well alert the pack eventually, depending upon the amount of alcohol used in the original recipe. Rapid fire is recommended. Scope and silencer are optional, along with ones favorite ‘debugging’ tracks.

Providing even more spectacle, and greatly more disturbing to the unwanted infestation, Paint ball guns are also quite effective. These are however, reserved for only the most expressive, and artistically gifted, or color challenged individuals. Color co-ordination in choice of ammo is widely optional. Many do find earth tones quite the thing im making a statement in design, as well as one in defense of ones domicile. Be advised some will see it as something quite different, Usually these “not in the know” unsophisticates are spouses, neighbors, and landlords.

Proper timing and placement of the undesired baked goods can and does provide for many such episodes of stress reduction, and entertainment. Thank god and grandma for ‘fruitcakes’…. Lock & load, and by all means, “Keep ‘em coming”.
In europe, we tend to favour sponge cake, preferably cream sponge. You get 2 layers of isolation with the extra interface between cream and sponge. Some advocate Jam (sorry jello) as well, but thats plain stupid. For room treatment, throwing the sponge onto the wall, cream side facing the wall for adhesion is ideal. My wife has complains of the smell of sour cream, but I just ignore her. On reflection, I can see the advantage of fruit cake, the different consistency of fruit, nuts and cake would help break up resonance, I think you may be onto something.