finally have purchase approval

Hi All,

Since I got rid of my JM Labs over a year ago (very sad about that) I've been living without a decent music system since then. I was seriously eyeballing Vandys and seperates last year, just before....

Well, a lot has changed. We close on our new home next week, and our daughter is now 3 months old (and very cute I must add!) Anyway, since we'll be a bit house poor for the forseeable future, my most-excellent wife has given me the go ahead to purchase a VERY MODEST system. I can't quite afford the JMs this time around, so I need your help.

I have quite specific needs here -

1) Cheap/but decent, i.e. SWEETSPOT
2) This system will split time between movies and music, so I need processing and center channel at least; 5.1 would be nice, but not absolutely necessary, 3.1 will do
3) I will be running a reciever for amplification, probably a Denon.
4) My main source will be Apple Lossless Compression.
5) Cherry veneer is a big-time plus...I really don't want to bring something with low WAF into the house, and our custom entertainment unit (that houses a 40" Sony Wega) and coffee and end tables are all solid cherry.
6) Effiency is important because side-jobs will allow me to run the mains with Tubes before too long (hopefully).

My music taste ranges from A-Z.

Got all that? Having given the requirements, here's what I have been looking at so far:

monitors and a center. I am not opposed to floorstanders, but there are many more choices in the monitor market, plus a sub. I'm hoping to get lucky with a good REL or Vandy for that.

1) Epos - this stuff is really inexpensive. Is there a bad reason for that?
2) Triangle - like the JM Labs, they are French, detail oriented speakers and also very affordable.
3) Totem - the best lookers in the bunch and again, affordable

Used on A'gon is the way for me to go here to get the best bang.

Can you please give me some more options to look at? Please don't suggest stretching the wife will lock me out of Quicken in a hurry. 8^)

For amplification, you owe it to yourself to check out the developments at
They are running a special on what they call EMO Ultra-Lite separates for $1,098 for the first 100 combos. These were already sold out as soon as the news were announced. There's a possibility that another batch of 50 may be approved at this introductory price. It seems like such a good deal to me.
I have no relation to the folks at, just impressed by the deals and quality on offer. That's all.
Here's another thread on Emo Ultra Lite Prelim Specs.
If you miss your JM Labs so much and liked the way they sounded why dont you check out thier Chorus line?

About a week ago i picked up a pair of JM Labs Chorus 707S's and im running them off a Denon AVR-3805 (my amp died so now im using the recievers amps) along with a pair of velodyne DLS-4000 subwoofers and im very pleased with the results. Toss in thier center channel and a pair of thier 706's and you will have a pretty bitchin home theater as well as some pretty good sounding 2 channel as well. (pure direct on that denon really kicks ass)

You can really even get away without having a subwoofer with these.

Im pretty sure they come in a good cherry finish as well. They look way more expencive than they are.

They also rate a 92db effeciency.

Im not sure how much the 707s cost, ive seen em for 995.00 and 650 new. i picked mine up for 488 at a local New&used audio shop.

1.2k for the Denon 3805
650 for 707s
350 for 706's
500 (estimate for the matching center)

that is 2,700... not too bad, depending on what the wife feels is not too bad.

What kind of a budget are you looking at here?
Hey Slappy,

Probably around 2K. I certainly considered the Chorus line. The only problem is finding them used. My wife is letting me use a small portion of the profit from the sale of our Condo to buy this stuff...if I don't do it now, it's gone.
So, there's the dilemma. Toughy eh?

2k huh?
Yeah... finding them used is not easy, this is the only pair of 707's i have seen used.

Here is what you do.

Have a buddy buy a pair then return em. Show up the next day and buy em again as an open box special.

well.. that is pretty sleezy

Go with a Denon 2805, $799 (or better yet used 3805) a pair of Chorus 707 $650 (i think) and a that leaves about 500 for a Chorus center channel.

In situations like this i would advise chucking the rear speakers and putting the money in the more important areas, as later down the road when there is an extra couple bucks you can justify 350 for the Jm Lab Chorus 705s for surrounds

You can really get away without a subwoofer with these speakers, in room responce is all the way down to about 40hz. You will not be getting any kidney massages from them, but in a condo if yer getting that type of bass spl yer neighbors are going to kill you.

there are probably other routes you can go with used gear, but i think you should just focus on the front end and 3 front speakers. Go with the best you can afford with that instead of tossing the budget to the surrounds. You can always try that HT 2.0 that these 2 channel fanatics always rave about, odds are the wife will end up wanting a center channel and will let you free up a couple extra dollars. Im not much for HT 2.0 myself, i like all 5 whenever possible, or at the minimum 3.1, but some people really seem to enjoy it

The surrounds im using right now are freaking pathetic, they came in a kenwood HTIB but all in all they do the trick and are pretty low on my list of prioritys for upgrades
So how about this -

Right now there's a pair of Chorus 710s right here on A'gon for $425. I just sent him email.

I'll put in a request to buy the Chorus CC700 and a pair of SR700s. These should be inexpensive enough to pick up in a little bit I guess...

There's an Arcam AVR 100 for sale for $475 right now. That sounds like a good deal to me...I'd like to go with the Denon 3805, but for almost a third the cost, the Arcam will do just fine. I agree that 3.1 will do fine for starters.

These two components will allow me to try to pick up a Vandy 2Wq for low end (We're moving OUT of the Condo and INTO our first home! WooooHoooo)

Because I'm bargain shopping, I MIGHT even be able to squeeze something like an Audio Aero Prima for 2-channel. This would be a bonus.

Thanks for bringing me back to the light Slappy! I really do miss my Cobalts, so if I can back to, maybe 80% of those, I will be happy. I'm actually really happy that I saw the 710s today.

There ya go, that looks like a good plan!
No personal experience with the Arcams, but i havent heared anything bad about them, so they must be pretty decent.

So INTO a House... heh,.. Yeah, that kicks ass. I always hated apartments. It is nice to be able to watch a dynamic explosive movie at 1am and not worry about the neighbors.

Back when i was living in apartments i had a HT setup with Definitive Technology's Bp2004TL loudspeakers with the 10in 250W built in subwoofers as well as a Prosub200 which was a 12in 250w sub all RMS. Not sure what the peak power was, maybe 1500watts
That was NOT a good system to own in an apartment, condo, townhome, or anything along those lines.

Whenever you get this set up make sure you put it into the Virtual Systems section.

Good luck on your purchases.
I'll do that and again I thank you! I think I got a little caught up in review-itis for a few days, and overlooked the Chorus stuff because the reviews weren't as stellar as some other stuff, and for that I should be spanked.

I already have a Sony 40" XBR Battletank (326lbs!!!) for my video, so that part has been done for a while. The picture is fantastic, esp. with HD.

I'm really excited about setting up this system - it's been a long time since I was able to throw on a CD or a movie and 'get lost'.


Well, wasn't quite fast enough on the 710s. The search continues...