Finally had my amp repaired ; I should have done it sooner; met a great tech........

I started a thread a while back concerning my ADA PF2501, that while changing the power fuse ( using a recommended fuse by oregonpapa Frank, RIP ), the fuse holder became loose and disconnected from the circuit board. Because of age related circumstances ( my age ), I was no longer able to do this repair myself. Anyway, an Audiogon " friend ", named here as rodman99999, emailed me about a tech living not far from me ( rodman 99999 lived here for a time, and used him, stating he is an electronics wiz ), and I should give him a call, and I did. This was back when covid had just started, and I waited, and waited, and waited, to get the amp to him....Contacted Kris Rhoades, again, from Winter Springs, Florida, set up a time to drop the amp off to him ( he carried the amp from my vehicle, as it is heavy ), had it 5 weeks, and contacted me the amp was ready for pickup. Once again, he loaded the amp into my vehicle, and I paid him cash ( he would have accepted a check ). Kris did a fantastic repair of the amp, and at a very reasonable cost. His company is " Fine Tuned Audio ", and I encourage anyone to check him out. His web site is, imo, understated, but impressive. I feel I have been given a gift, as I now have an awesome contact to repair / modify most of my gear. Be well, and Enjoy !


Always great to find a competent tech congrats on that and your newly repaired amp!