finally got my system up and running

but now i come to find out the phono preamp on my pioneer sx-434 will only give me one channel of audio. i have to say im pretty bummed about this. i thought it might have been the phono cables coming from the deck itself, but i plugged them into the aux ports to check for both channels and they worked...even though it sounded quite bad through them.

my question is this...whats a decent, somewhat cheap phono preamp i could pick up and just use the aux ports on the receiver? any help would be GREATLY appreciated, mm cart by the way. i dont need to spend huge ammounts on the best thing out there, this system is going together just till i have the money to buy something more substantial. thanks
I have an NAD PP-2 that I'm looking to sell - I'll make you a good deal. Contact me offlist...

Try a Pro-ject Tube Box. The're very reasonable. I'm very happy with the sound I'm getting. It'll be a big improvement over your built in p-stage.
I would first spray out the pots in the pioneer.Using a tuner cleaner product will often bring back a channel,particularly in the "selecter" pot.At $4 it's worth a shot.
Cambridge 640P. Check the reviews. $169.