Finally Defined My Requirements. Recommendations?

I have done plenty of looking, asking lots of questions, tons of reading, and I think I've finally nailed down my requirements for a new preamp to replace my current digital processor. I would love to hear your suggestions on the best preamp to fit my needs. Please, please, please give a guy a hand!

End State of System (what the system will look like)
Components: Cary 303/200 CDP*, EAD PowerMaster 2000 amp, Revel Studios, $500-$750 table* w/ Rega 250 arm* (not much analog in my system), Marantz tuner (modified), and the preamp I'm asking for your assistance with*

Cabling: Nordost SPM interconnects, Nordost SPM or Audience or Acoustic Zen Hologram 2 speaker wires* (TBD)

Power: 15A HC Ultimate Outlets (1 for amp, 1 for components on juice bar), Juice bar, Lab 2 cables into UOs, Audience powerChords into juice bar and preamp, JPS Digital cable into CDP, JPS Power AC 2 into PowerMaster

Custom component and amp stands*

(* = Not yet acquired)

Room Setup = Fairly hard room, with lots of carpets and hanging things to soften it up. Zero flexibility on relocation of equipment (cant be moved because of other furniture). High ceiling. Sitting position is about 10' between speakers and 12' to sitting position. Speakers 2-3' off walls.

Desired Sound Strengths
1. Great bass
2. Great imaging
3. Neutral, but not overly analytic, tone

Required Requirements (Must haves)
1. Tubes
2. Balanced outputs
3. IEC exchangeable power cords
4. Reliability
5. 4 Single ended inputs for phono, CDP, tuner, and 1 more.
6. Cost less than $3500 used

Preferred Requirements (Nice to haves, in order of preference)
1. 2 pairs of balanced outputs for easy biamping
2. Balanced inputs
3. Good customer support, maybe a transferable warranty?
4. Reference component - something that will not have to be upgraded
5. Good volume attenuator
6. Phono stage for MC carts.
7. Remote
8. Cost less than $2000 used
9. Easy biasing
10. Easily found NOS tubes
11. Good looks (exposed tubes, etc)
12. Well-respected and known (assists with resale value)
Do you ever listen to music? (Don't worry, I'm looking in the mirror as I ask!).
Gosh, Subie, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a feature to feature comparison of preamps? I mean, there must be 20-30 different decent models, some with a variety of trims. So, I wrote down my wish list, hoping that someone could give me a hand! Advice of strangers is always interesting, right?

Suptratek: you can request balanced input/output, and a remote. $2500 new. Reference quality/sound.
Gosh, seems like everyone loves that Suptratek. If it only wasnt something like a 5 month waiting period and such high demand that you have to buy one new.

Gosh, I sometimes feel like buying new gear is like buying a PC. Its worth $2500 now, but tomorrow, it'll be worth 30% of that.

I have to find something available in the used market. Anyone else got some suggestions.
Other suggestions? Although I have not heard it, the new Audio Reseach SP-16 looks to be a very good tube preamp. It costs right at $2K (line stage) or $2.5K (w/phono)new. It was recently reviewed on one of the audio sites and recieved much acclaim. Since there are quite a few AR dealers around I would think an audition should be relatively easy.

I think this will meet most of your requirements, but probably not all.
Do you know the difference between the SP16 and the 25? Balanced inputs and outputs?
Actually, I do not think it has balanced inputs & outputs. And I am not sure what the differences between this and the 25 would be. The link below is a review and includes quite a bit of info on the SP-16. I am thinking seriously about one.
The ARC 16 looks great, i want balanced outs though. I think you've found yourself a good deal, and I bet you could find one online used for a good price!
Good luck getting a response from Supratek. I've e-mailed three times over a two month period - no response. Not a good sign or maybe he's just too busy now to take on any new orders.

Also, according to a recent buyer I just spoke w/ (through e-mail) remote control is no longer available. Seems it didn't work too well. I love the look of this piece, love the press it's getting but this one man operation may not the be best place to put our hard earned money at this time. I'm sure he's doing the best he can but maybe needs to hire someone to assist and charge more for the units. This does appear to be the product of the year, though, at least according to owners.

Anyway, don't forget to check out the BAT, C-J, Joule, and VAC stuff.
Which VAC and Joule components would your recommend?
Take a look at the Herron Audio pre-amp. They are rare on the used market though.
Thanks! Looks like the Herron doesn't come with balanced outputs, darn it. All these great preamps, but not a one that can affordably provide everything...sounds like a time for a sacrifice!
I'm not able to quote the model numbers for both Joule and VAC pre-amps but I've heard samples of both aboout 2-4 yrs ago. very nice and musical sounding. The Joule was the better looking of the two, can't say I enjoyed either more than the other. The Joule had a remote, the VAC model did not. I've seen versions of their pre-amps on Audiogon on a semi-regular basis.
Much research later, I've boiled down the possibilities:

ARC Ref 1, Ref 2, LS25MK2
BAT 50, 50SE, 5, 5i, 5SE
Sonic Frontiers Lines 1,2,and 3
McIntosh C2200
Ayre K-1X

Not sure if these have dual outs for biamping:
Atma-Sphere MP-1, MP-3
Cary 2002, 98P
EAR 864

Any know?