Finally decided- Zu Essence.

After living with a 1992 system consisting of a great Marantz cd player, an 80 watt x 3 / 15 watt x 2 Pro Logic receiver from Yamaha and Infinity floorstanders with EMIT tweeters and enjoying the years of movies and music I have ordered Essence in gloss black.

I now must find someone who can/will make a house call to change my speaker cables(run under the floor/through the wall upon construction) from banana plugs to spade connectors.

I look forward to hearing what all the plublished reviews and posters on this site say I will experience with all music. Lost interest in today's movies.
Congrats! Heard Essence model a couple of years ago and really liked it. Thought it was the overall gem of the lineup (when factoring in cost). Set up is extremely important with these so take your time and experiment with location, distances, and toe-in (IME less was better).