Finally absolutely satisfied with my system

Just wanted to share my satisfaction with the latest iteration of my setup. I wrote some posts here seeking advice on improving this or that component as I was not satisfied with my system, so I thought I’d share a positive experience.

For the past year and half I’ve been trying to build a pleasurable system for a desktop setup. I sit a significant amount of hours a day at my desk and listen to music throughout, so I wanted a great system that I could really enjoy music. I’ve changed 4 amps, 5 dacs, 5 speakers, and various other components (mostly buying and reselling here and other used gear platforms). Some changes brought improvements, some not, and some even degradation. Finally, I am not thinking about "upgrading" anything.

The system:
Exposure 2010S2D integrated
PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC
Foobar2000 on desktop PC, CD’s ripped to FLAC
Various aftermarket power cords (Furutech, DH Labs, Wireworld ... still tinkering with which cable to which component)
Mogami / KLE DIY RCA
Mogami W3103 12awg speaker wire

Listening at low volumes still has plenty of detail and high volume is not needed to enjoy the music, but at moderate volume level (7-8 o’clock) the sound is simply immersive and amazing. All my previous gear was more or less on the same "level" (atleast price-wise) as these units, so I can’t explain why the experience is so much better now.

The biggest difference was brought by the PMC speakers (moving from Neat Motive 3. The PMC may be a better match for near-field listening). The Exposure amp brought another huge dose of musicality (replacing a Creek 5350SE). The NuWave DSD DAC is definitely an improvement from my previous Hiface + DL3, but it brought a less significant change as the above 2.

That’s it..... going to listen to some music!
Always good to hear a positive story. Congrats on your achievement.
Time to sit back and focus on the music.  Enjoy!
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PMC make great speakers that measure extremely well and sound great. Lots of engineering, experience, and working with driver manufacturers.

The *only* thing I would recommend you consider (funds allowing) is a Bryston B-100 SST. You can even find some with an onboard DAC.

I have not heard the Exposure but if you've hit the [satisfaction] sweet spot, enjoy!

Outstanding! itsikhefez

are you going to sell the Creek 5350SE ?
Happy Listening!
@keithtexas Thanks for the suggestion. Looking to replace the Creek, my main 2 options were Bryston and Naim (5si, XS) from what I've read about matching to PMC. My funds only permitted a Bryston B60 and that wasn't my top choice. I took the plunge on the Exposure which from what I've previously read is similar to Naim but is more detailed with wider soundstage. I can't compare to any of the above since I didn't hear them in my system but I can say that the Exposure is great.

@jafant Yes, it actually already sold! Once I had the Exposure, I compared it side by side to the Creek. To be honest, there isn't MUCH between the two, but I liked the Exposure better. Music was clearer, and overall more enjoyable. Financially, I would lose less reselling the Creek, so I listed it here and it sold on the same day, which was pretty quick
Both the Creek 5350SE and Destiny are excellent integrated amps- better than most think.
Congratulation no! Sit back and enjoy. 

I finalized my system in December 2015 and since then my system has remained unchanged. 

Its good to be off the equipmnt merry merry go round