Final Thoughts: Muse 100 or Audio Refinement?

Here are my final thoughts regarding matching an amp to my Theta Miles/NHT speakers. All tests are Miles direct to amp. Cables are Mogami 10 Audio. I tried the Adcom GFA-5802. Sounded good, but seemed analytical and cold. Bass was tight and punchy, but mids not as smooth as I had hoped. Currently auditioning the Audio Refinement Multi 2. Much better. Smooth and slightly softer on the ears. More open/airy mids. Bass though still tight and punchy; though more balanced and detailed. Sounds better the more I listen. Question: Will the Muse Model 100 blow the AR away? Is it worlds better or similar? Pricing for the AR is $445, whereas the Muse can be had for about $80 less. My only integrated option at this point is the AR Complete. However, I'm concerned about power as it's 50wpc, whereas the Multi 2 is 130wpc.
Just remember the Muse 100 is a 27 year old model and may have significant deterioration
This is because you are not using a good active preamp. The Muse will be yet is the Muse with a decent tube preamp.
Some of the Muse 100s had hum issues. I had one that sounded awesome, but the severe hum could never be solved, and it went to the big listening room in the sky. Btw, I also had an ARefinement, and the Muse kicked its butt.
I currently use 2 100's -- vertically bi-amped and couldn't imagine, getting better sound, for the $ 682.00 shipped -- I paid for both units. If you're serious --- Muse starts their serial #'s with the year they're made (mine are 92 & 94) never an issue of any kind. I would start with 92 and up because that's made with the detachable power cord and round transformer. The bass is very solid - mids almost to die for- a tad soft on top,but that makes it very easy to listen to--and would help tame some bright components. Now I'm going to wreck this review, by stating I'm 64 yrs. old-- good luck!!!
"03-02-15: Bojack
Some of the Muse 100s had hum issues."

What was the rest of the system?