Final recommendations on a processor?

Narrowed my decision down to these final products and hope it helps others who are trying to decide as well. What ranking of best 3 units would you guys recommend of the following, for best home theater AUDIO in a home theater sytem using HDMI. (Internal video processing doesn't particularly matter to me since I'll just be using the video in an Oppo 83).

Integra DHC-40.1 or DHC-80.1
Marantz AV8003
Anthem AVM50v
Emotiva UMC-1 (or XMC-1 if comes out soon)
Outlaw 997 (if ever comes out)

Thanks everyone
You are mixed up aren't you. The prices of these aren't even in the same ballpark. The Anthem is in a whole other league. Even the AVM 20/30 will crush the others sonically. Have you considered Sunfire, B&K or Parasound? Why not Sony ES too. Personally I like Sherbourn & Mac.
Thanks Elevick, yes, I'm always mixed up :) I'm just trying to stay under $5,000.
Sorry I don't know what the Integra and Anthem units retail for, but I'm definitely looking to buy something new, not used, and trying to get the best bang in audio performance for the buck.
I would get the Marantz AV8003, it has a good style, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD surround formats support, with Source Direct and Pure Direct modes to experience the best 2 channel reproduction.
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Thanks guys, great input. Would you also consider any Arcam product like the FMJ AV888, or still recommend staying with the Marantz or Integra's? I found out that the Anthem AVM50v retails for $5,500 which would be my max budget; do you guys still feel the Marantz or Intergra's are still better in comparison?
Not sure why you feel a need to buy new. You can find several Anthem D2s listed on Audiogon for around $3500. I'd guess its video processing would exceed that of an Oppo 83. I've bought most of my audio electronics and a pair of speakers from listings on Audiogon, and have yet to regret it. Just read the reviews of the sellers carefully.

On AVS you can read a thread about whether the stereo performance of the D2 warrants the price. An 80.1 I heard lacked the soundstage and timbre portrayal of my vintage Proceed PAV/PDSD, but the fault may have been the setup and associated equipment. Of course, the PAV/PDSD had an MSRP of $10K over 15 years ago, lacks HDMI, the latest codecs, and software for correcting room acoustics, so sonic comparison with a $2K processor that offers the latest technology may be unfair.

I've sold a few of my previous components on audiogon in the past, without incident; but the one time I bought a product from someone 5 yrs ago, had an issue. I bought an Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP CD player, not cheap by any means, and the unit arrived looking and working like new and in a manufacturer box, but the seller (or someone) had filed off the serial number on the back of the unit; he never clearly explained why either, but the unit worked fine, so I've kept it.
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Thanks Bob, that was a great article.
I went with the Arcam AV888.
I don't think the Integra can be beat for the money. It's just a solid piece that does everything well. Friend has one and it is nice in all aspects.
I am also struggling with the same decision. I think i will go with the integra 80.1, its tough to beat for the money. However I would e willing to spend more if there is benefits to some of the other.
The Onkyo SC5507P seems to be a near clone to the 80.1, and is discounted more steeply.
I love the sound from the Arcam AV888, so no regrets buying the unit.
The Onkyo SC5507P seems to be a near clone to the 80.1, and is discounted more steeply.

Sort of. The Integra DHC-80.1 has Audyssey MultEQ XT and optional AudysseyPro software and license available. You cannot get the pro option with Onkyo nor with the Integra DHC-40.1