Final Labs Music-6 amp or First Watt F1 amp?

Has anybody a/b these two amps? To be used with Fostex 200a speaker, about 98db. Thank you for any response.
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I forget to all , I like to listen to Jazz female vocial.
Travelstead, what sort of design can achieve a F200A to become 98 db efficient? I thought that these drivers were 90 db at best, unless you have found a cabinet and the proprietary design to lift the sensitivity issue.

BTW, I own the Final Music 6 amplifier.
Hi Bemopti123. Nice to hear from you again. I purchased these speaker here on AudioGon from designer and builder Johnk. The cabinets are 50"H X 11"W X 22"D and 125lbs each.
My memory sure isn't what it once was. In a telephone conversation I think he told me they measured around 98db. My memory may be wrong. I always read your response with great interest and take notice of your great system. It was your review of the Music 6 amp that has sparked my interest in this amp. With the dollar going down in value, this amp is around $3300 with the battery packs. I'm always interested in what you have to say about your system. Thanks again for responding.
No, I those speakers are just about 91db maximum sensitivity. Regardless, the F-1 and the Final Music 6 amplifier are totally different in design. I am wild to guess, but it might be true that the Final Music 6 will be a great match for those speakers and drivers, if only drawback would be that they will require change of batteries more often....Mine with the Fostex 208 Sigma can go for a good 3 months, in your case, I think it will be about 1-2 months at most, but of course, it depends in what sort of listening habits you have. I have a pair of F200A seating in boxes and plan to get a pair of MTLM? Cabinets for them from Bob Brines and pair them with my newly acquired First Sound Paramount Hotrod MKII, the Final Music 6 and or the Assemblage 300B amplifier I have. The bottom will be relieved of duties to an Infinity Intermezzo sub. What sort of amp are you using with your cabs now?
Bemopti123 I'm useing the Fi 2A3 amps. 3 watts.
You are going to love the F200A speakers. Let me know when you get the cabinets for them. Are they about the same size as mine?
Do you have enough power with 3 watts? I wonder. As to the other question, the Btines cabinets are transmission loaded and are about 47" tall, I believe a smidgen smaller than yours. Yours has a great thick front baffle and that coffin look that will sure bid goodbye to any shaking or rattling inside the cabinets. How do the F200s sound in comparison to other speakers? What is your set up like?
Hello guys. I'm presently building the Bob Brines version cabinet for the 200A. Great design and excellent instructions. The 200A is only 91db sensitive and I don't think 3 watts will do them justice. I'm planning to run mine with a 8-watt 300B SET or my 12-watt Scott, or a 35-watt Welborne St-70 or my MaC 1700 (40 watts). If it still need more power I have an Odyssey SS amp on stand by. Godspeed.