Final Choice for My New System.

I'll chain this from another post i made titled " Starting From Scratch"
I can't see that post anymore, so the continuity is posted here :

Hey Guys just to keep you guys updated - VAC did not get back to my dealer, so that chapter is closed! looksl like i must lean towards a solid state/tube combo.

although pretty frustrating indeed, after taking your input and matching with the type of stuff i have access to, i've indeed come down to one out the two choices :

Choice 1

Pass Labs XA60.5 Class A Monoblocks
Atma Spere M1 (Dual Chasis Tube Preamp)
Tannoy Turnberry / Tannoy Glenair 15 /Devore Fidelity Gibbons 10 or (X)
or PMC OB1i

Choice 2
Manley 250 Tube Monoblock
Atma Spere M1 (Dual Chasis Tube Preamp)
Tannoy Turnberry / Tannoy Glenair 15 or PMC OB1i

On paper, i do prefer the much for expensive Choice No.2 but in reality, it seems like theres just too much tubes! if i were to swap Atma Spere with
Manley 300B RC Preamp which has lesser tubes (and cheaper unit too) it does
not have balanced connection) which i need for the long run of cable that needs to be run (balanced )from my dac to the preamp.

For speakers, i realize, i do not have much experience with many speakers
except for Tannoys,Devores and 1 PMC which i heard, and of course some
Harbeth's but that said, a lot of people say, Harbeth can be bass shy, a lot.

I am going to list the type of music i listen to so you pundits here can tell me
which is a more apt system, i listen to everything from soundtracks to rap to electronica,world music and jazz.

This system will go down to the grave with me, i neither have the resources
or time, beyond what is spent/will be spent on this combo, but of course maintenance such as cable change and tube change is ok, and is fun.

My music choices
1.A.R.Rahman (Indian Music / World Music)
2.Thaman S (Indian Music)
3.Chano Dominguez ( Flamenco / Jazz)
4.Trilok Gurtu ( World Music)
5.Joe Henderson (Jazz)
6.Dave Brubeck (Jazz)
7.Adrian Shwerwood (Electronica)
8.Funkadelic (Rock / Funk)
9.Concerto for Shakukachi (Classical)
10.Bela Fleck (Bluegrass / Jazz)
11.Guiseppe Tartini (Classical)

As you can see- varied seems like a shy word..
Thank you for your time, and am really pining my hopes on those who are in the know.

My other equipment
Acoustic Signature Challenger MK2 Turntable
M2Tech Vaughan Super DAC
EAR 834P (MM)

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