FIM XRCD - Unbelievable

I just picked up a copy of "Flemenco Passion" by Gino D'auri. (from a suggestion by someone here - Thanks!)

It is the best recording that I have ever heard. I have a lot of music and this is the best.

It is something called an Extended Range CD from a company called FIM.

Does anyone know if there are more of these CDs that are worth picking up?

First Impression Music is headed by Winston Ma, a man who takes great pride in producing products that are wonderful from both a musical and sonic perspective. Some of their best releases are of chinese instrumentals. Two that I can recommend without reservation from FIM in the XRCD format are:
"River Of Sorrow"
"Autumn Yearning Fantasia"
I'll second "River of Sorrow"
While it may not be a recording you will listen to a lot, it will never fail to impress when you do.
FIM is a record label, JVC is the company that produces the XRCD. Both FIM and XRCD have websites where you can browse their catalogs:
Yes, pick up the FIM recording of Autumn in Seattle by Tshuyoshi Yammamoto (sp?) This is a superb, well recorded jazz cd that really shows off a system
I've owned Flamenco Passion for a while. There's better recordings than this (there always is) but it is a well-engineered recording with excellent dynamics.

A few other well-engineered XRCDs to try include FIMs own:

o Over the Rainbow, Tony Overwater.
o Autumn Leaves, Jacintha.
o Here's to Ben, Jacintha.

I agree with you Ed, I've had that disc for some time now, and it's been one of test disks since I got it!
A great alternative to XRCD's using the same technology are the K2 releases by JVC. K2 is the mastering technology used to make XRCD's and the K2's sound great and they're at regular cd prices! There have been a few threads on the subject, do a search of K2 and see what you find.