FIM owners, please stand up ?

Thinking opf buying a FIM cables esp the pc and speaker cable (maybe)....
Apart from "Brucelee's" enthusism, who else owns a FIM pc here? Why the preference to, say, BMI Whale, NBS Statement, Electragilde Fatboy/man or Powersnake King Cobra.
Your observations and thoughts are solicited.
it s very good cable but too stiff to set up
Nex- Adsal is correct about the stiffness, but I wouldn't say "too" stiff. It takes some effort, but the sonic performance is truly outstanding. If you are fanatical about your system, then you should hear the FIM GOLD cables. Like me, you may find that they are worth every bit of effort. Good luck.
I have two FIM Golds (thanks to Brulees recomendation) myself,together with NBS Monitor 0s,and one BMI Eel from Brian.I prefer the FIM Golds on my FPB200 and Sony 9000ES, they are stif but like someone else said before once you get them in place they stay there. Very dynamic power cords, very much worthy of an audition.I'm still breaking in the Monitor 0 so no comment yet. Brian's BMI Eel has been with me for awhile now and somehow I can't let this one go,the best at it's price point I should say.
What is the most significant sonic character you would attribute to the FIM gOld that you find it worth every weight of gold demanded? After there are so many other "respected" cables one can very well consider, given the price point.
Virt- The FIM Gold are hardly the most expensive power cords out there, but certainly comparable to them in performance. They possess amazing transparency with outstanding dynamics. They also have the least tonal colorations of any cord/cable that I've had in my system. Of course, within the context of a system, other cords may offer a preferred effect, though rarely without a negative somewhere. However, I keep coming back to the FIM for their lack of "effect" upon the music. They simply get me closer to the illusion of live music. Just my .02. Good luck.