FIM/Neotech vs. Furutech FI-25 G

Hi, everybody,

I´ve been using for almost 6 months Neotech UP-OCC copper/gold plated connectors with a Neotech NEP-3002 power chord. These connectors are sold in the US$ 40-50 price range.

They´re, as a Neotech product, relatevely new in the market. Although, as a First Impression Music - FIM, they´re are in the market for quite some more time, sold in the US$ 70 price range.

I´m yet to know, as I didn´t have the chance to compare and was not able to find information on the web, how the Fim/Neotech compares to the gold plated version of Furutech FI-25, which is sold in the US$ 75,00 price range.

Does anybody have experience with these ones?


I only have experience with Furutech FI-25G vs Oyaide P004/P046 vs Wattgate experience with Neotech. The furutech sounds relatively laid-back, a bit slow, mushy (tubey) compared to others. It is a kind of coloration, if your system needs to be tamed or if the wire you are using is too forward then a Furutech connector will tame some of the aggressiveness.

How is the Neotech ? Where can I buy it from ?
I/m using the F1-50 series with Acrolink with outstanding results. Quick, open, flat frequency response, deep soundstage , etc. I made some Oyeida 046 Acrolink which adds a bit of "tube" sound but very pleasing indeed.

Thank you, guys!

Pani, I know you can find Neotech in Sonic Craft and in Parts Connexion; both sell through internet.

I also discovered this weekend that this same Neotech and FIM connector is offered as a Onix connector, avaiable at Parts Connexion for US$ 30,00!

They also offer a silver version of this "Onix" connector but there isn´t any information about its details. I was not able to find anything else on the web.

I didn´t know a Furutech could sound slow, even a bit slow. I´m not looking for that.

My system (Blue Circle+JM Reynaud) seems fast; I don´t want it slowly. In fact, it´s working the way I was looking for with Crystal Cable and Neotech.

I can not say much about the specific difference related to the Neotech connector as I didn´t experience others with the same cable, a Neotech NES-3002.

What I know is that this cable/connector combo brought more speed, detail, clarity without sounding harsh, or analytical. The cable I used to use before was a Blue Circle BC-62.


Thanks for the pointer Joao. Yes, Furutech Gold can sound slow.