FIM gold vs NBS Statement ?

I am in the market for a power cord to be used in my Jeff Rowland amp model 10. Has ayone tried the above brands... other recommendations? Thanks in advance.
think also about fatman and harmonic tech. magic
I use Custom Power Cords. I tried a number of others and then read the Rowland reviews in The Absolute sound. The reviewers used the Model 11, which retails for about $280. They also make a model called Top Gun, about $600, which is supposedly great for front ends. They can be bought from I bought one on AudiogoN and am very pleased with it. Another cord I like is the ESP Essence, but the Custom Power Cord is the best.
Top Gun- great on Rowland.
While I don't own any Rowland gear, I have heard that the FIM/Rowland combo is a great one. You may wish to contact Gary and Cindy Kerr at The Audio Gallery in Lake Oswego, Oregon for their input. They sell FIM, NBS and Rowland. Their number is (503) 699-8888. They are very honest and helpful.